Year 3 Inverted commas homework

Year 3 have been learning about inverted commas this week. The children on the Red table have had a go at producing a video independently in their Literacy lesson about what they know about using inverted commas. The Year Three teachers were really impressed with their results! Super work!


1. Are there any rules for using inverted commas that they have missed out?

2. Can you describe what you did during half term using inverted commas? For example, “I had a fantastic holiday in Norfolk!” exclaimed Miss King.

21 thoughts on “Year 3 Inverted commas homework

  1. 1.I Agree with Nhu we didn’t miss a thing.
    2.”In the holidays I went to Reading to visit my cousins. We went to Kids in Action where we played on big slippery slides. I did have lots of fun”

  2. 1.I Agree with Nhu we didn’t miss a thing.
    2.”In the holidays I went to reading and with all my cousins I went kids in action although it wasn’t very fun for me because I burned myself on a slippery purple slide and I had a very bad headache .I hope everyone had a very nice holiday too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  3. “in the holiday i went to see my family and i played out with my friends until i had to come in”. “i also went swimming and it was really fun”.

  4. 1.They have missed the inverted commas by you have to put it outside the question mark.

    2.I had a remarkble holiday in Mroccoco said Hamda.

  5. The inverted commas goes when someone starts from a sentence and finish the end of the sentence like this one. “I like to learn subtraction.”I said. Or you can do different words like asked, whispered, shouted and some other words.

  6. “I had a fantastic week in turkey enjoying the sun,sea and sand” said Eesa.
    ” we had lots of varietys of food which was very delicious” said my sister Sana.
    ” I didn’t want to come back to the cold weather in uk” sadly Eesa said.

  7. Inverted comers are like 66 and 99 but smaller like this “. For example “I love going swimming.”I said.Remember!The punctuation goes inside the inverted comers.this is wrong:”I love handwriting”. Because people think that the Narrator has a rest instead the character that’s speaking. :)

  8. 1. They have missed punctuation that goes in the middle of the last word of your speech and before the 99.

    2.”In the holidays it was my birthday and i had lots of fun.” I said

  9. 1. We have missed out that speech marks are also referred to as quotation marks and as in inverted commas.

    They are used around quotation, titles and to indicate direct speech.
    Quotation is easy to punctuate.

    Having identified precise words that are found in the book, play or poem,enclose them in speech marks.

    2.”I had fun in Cleethorpes in the school holidays!” I exclaimed. “Cleethorpes is a bit far but only 2 and a half hours away” I answered.
    “I hope everybody else says that they had a good holiday!”I shouted.

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