Year 3 Light and Shadows- Red and Orange Groups.

We would like the red and orange groups in each class to have a go at the following questions. Even if you’re not in red or orange group, why don’t you have a go too!

  1. What happens to a shadow when the light source gets closer to the object?
  2. How could you make a shadow shorter or longer?
  3. What type of object creates the darkest shadow?


Do some research to find out what happens to your shadow during the day.


18 thoughts on “Year 3 Light and Shadows- Red and Orange Groups.

  1. 1.It gets smaller.
    2.To make an shadow smaller you have to get really close to your shadow to make it longer you need to go far from it.
    3.the dullest object makes the darkest shadow.

  2. 1.When it gets closer the shadow gets shorter.
    2.The shadow gets bigger when you get further away and when you get closer it gets smaller.
    3.Dull object make the darkest shadow.
    During the daytime the sun shines and when we block the light a shadow forms.

  3. 1.when the light source gets closer to the object the shadow gets bigger. could make the shadow longer by moving the object further from the light source.
    3. The object that makes the darkest shadow is dull objects for example black bottle.
    The that happens to the shadows at daytime is that the shadow starts to fade.

  4. Q1) The shadow gets bigger.
    Q2) If the light source is close to the object it gets bigger and when the light source and if the light source is further it is small.
    Q3) Opeaqe things makes the shadow darker.

    By Riyad and Atena.

  5. When the light gets closer the shadow gets bigger.If the light source gets closer to the shadow and gets bigger.A Chair makes the darkest shadow.

    by Muhammad and Aleena

  6. 1.when the object get closer it goes smaller make the shadow bigger by the light source getting brighter
    3.The dark shadow is created by an opaque object
    By Ayaan and Humza

  7. The shadow works when there is light bounce off to the floor .
    When you get closer it makes it bigger when you go far it is small.
    To make your shadow longer you need to look at the floor

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