Year 3 Literacy Homework – Setting Descriptions!

Literacy Homework – Before Sunrise:

Watch the video above and think about the setting.


Can you think of some adjectives to describe the moon? What does it remind you of? Write sentences to describe the town using exciting vocabulary.

Blue and Yellow:

Write a short setting description using similes, adjectives and prepositions. Can you include as many WOW words as you can think of? Think about describing the moon, houses and the night sky.

Red and Orange:

Define the words desolate, eerie and futuristic. Use these words to write a setting description about the setting above.

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  1. At the start there was an lonely girl what walked sadly and sudnly there was an
    big house that had wooden sids and a man that was snoring.

  2. Futuristic means strange and very modern.

    Eerie means strange in a frightening mysterious way.

    A desolate place is empty and not attractive, with no people or nothing pleasant in it.

    The Setting of the place is eerie and desolate.

  3. The stars were shining as a dimed in the inky night sky.In the library was a man who was sleeping on the chair and his shadow was showing there was a melted candle on fire and it was a person then the litter Alien was scared so he ran of. There was a wobble , enormous Big Ben.Some bits were spoke like a spider .

  4. The town is dark and quiet,like there is nobody living there.
    The house is creepy like where witches live.
    The moon is shining brightly like a torch in the sky.

    Blue table.

  5. The setting makes me feel queasy. The start was a bit sad because the alien that ran away felt left the end I felt better because it ended happily.

  6. The place is dark and spooky like a witch’s house. The rooms
    are dark as a dungeon. The place is very lonely like deserted island.

  7. The house was dark as a hole in the ground until the little alien broke the window with a stone.

    The man was sad as a rainy cloud until he saw a bright house and he run quickly towards the house, he saw a sleepy man and beside him there was a bright and shinny candle as the sun.

    When the man blow the candle the alien was unhappy and went to hug the candle and he felt something behind him and when he turn he saw this beautiful alien as star in the sky and finally the alien was happy as a king.

  8. Desolate means when you are very miserable,unhappy and also despondent.

    Eerie means mysterious,odd and curios.

    futuristic means having or involving very modern technology or design.

  9. desolate means unhappy or lonely
    eerie means strange or scary
    futuristic means involving modern technology

    The creature in the setting above looks quite lonely and desolate at the start. He is in a eerie, strange-looking town which also looks scary. When the creature hugs the unlit candle that looked like a girl, it came to life behind him which is futuristic. This is because it doesn’t happen in real life.

  10. Desolate: A place is empty and not attractive with no people or nothing pleasant in it.

    Eerie: Strange in a frightening and mysterious way.

    Futuristic: Strange and very modern or intended or something to come from some imagined time in the future.

    The moon shone brightly in a desolate area. In the desolate area, there were very eerie sounds that were not pleasant and were very scary. The man blew the candle out. The smoke from the candle formed a lady shadow. The man shadow did not imagine this will happen in the future.

  11. desolate meaning-uninhabited and giving an impression of bleak emptiness.
    Eerie meaning-strange and frightening.
    futuristic meaning-having or involving very mordern technology or design.
    there is a lady candle looking desolated at the shadow man.

  12. 1.)the meaning of desolate is feeling or showing great in happiness and loneliness.
    2.)The meaning of Eerie is strange and frightening
    3.)The meaning of futuristic is having or involving very modern technology or design.
    The setting description in the video looks Eerie and fun.Also it is very desolate because the place looks very lonely.I also know that it is not very futuristic because it is not modern.

  13. desolate means not happy and love less
    the man was desolate as he walked up the cold street.
    eerie means frightening and scary
    As the lady walked up the eerie street she found a ghost .
    Futuristic means modern and really nice
    The man drove the futuristic car as people stared at it.

  14. Desolate
    Uninhabited and giving an impression of bleak emptiness.
    It means when someone is scared or frightened.
    Having or involving very modern technology or design.

  15. There was a dark Wonkey clock and there was a statue and it has green water coming off it. Under the house there was a black coulerd person with with white eyes. there was also a black cat chasing the small people .Then a light switched on and then when it turned off they all came back, but one whent up a pipe and when’s into a house and saw a candle light with eyes.

  16. Desolate is an adjective describing the feeling or showing unhappiness or loneliness. It’s the same as feeling miserable, sad, unhappy and depressed.

    Eerie is an adjective meaning ‘ strange and frightening ‘. It can also mean weird.

    Futuristic is an adjective describing something related to the future; an advanced ( ahead of the times) concept or technology.

  17. The moon is dark and terrifying like a roaring lion. Big Ben has a miniature clock that ticks like a bomb. The haughtened houses are made up of bricks and they are quite tiny. On top of the house, there are lots of chimneys. Next to the Clouds is a sky full of lightning. The sky is turquoise like a blue ball. The candle flame is yellow like the bright sun.

  18. The moon shined like two stars zooming. the monsters were ugly and murky. there was even a girl who stood proudly well and a clock that looked like big Ben.

  19. The moon was as a yellow Angel and it was a strange place and a creeping place. The candle was burning like a really big flames like fire. Next to the house there was a really enormous big Ben clock but it is not Big Ben.

  20. 1. Desolate means of a place uninhabited and giving an impression of bleak emptiness. 2. eerie means strange and frightening, 3. having or involving modern technology or design.

  21. Setting discription

    Desolate means when someone is not happy and alone.
    Eerie means that something is not right and doesn’t feel correct.
    Futuristic means something in far future.


    Alone in the dark street the man was all alone, walking on rooftop looking into dark sky and was feeling sad and unhappy.


    As the man walking in the quiet eerie street, you could feel the cold of the night and darkness. There was something up with the man.


    As the man entered into the house, with the amazement there were books from the future and also an candle that was alight. He had never seen that before and was unwilling approached the candle and touched it.

  22. Desolate means: when you don’t feel happy.
    Eerie means:strange and frightening.
    Futuristic means:having or involving very Modern technology or design.

  23. in the dark night there was a cute, lonely girl candel inside the calm libery and outside the libery there was a handsome boy shadow

  24. 1. Of a place uninhabited and giving an impression of bleak emptiness.
    2.It is like strange and frightening.
    3.Having or involving very modern technology or design.

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