Year 3 Literacy – Instructions!

Year 3 have been learning this week all about instructions and what the features are of these. We have found that instructions must be both written and followed correctly for them to work!


Using your notes from the BBC clip, write instructions to show how to paint a picture in the style of Lowry! Remember to begin your sentences with adverbs.

Eg. Carefully mix together blue and yellow paint to make a green colour.



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  1. How to make Ann.

    Step 1 – Carefully draw a circle.
    Step 2 – Slow start filling in details, like hair, eyes, nose, mouth.
    Step 3 – Draw these with pencil.
    Step 4 – Mix the primary colours to get the skin tone.
    Step 5 – Gently fill in gaps with cut out feathers scrap paper.
    Step 6 – details should appear, of anns faces.
    Step 7 – Finally image is complete, and add you name to picture.

  2. How to make Ann.
    1.Gently, draw a circle, that will be the face.
    2.Carefully, create Ann`s dark brown hair.
    3.Sensibly,blend and colour in the face with primary colours.
    4.Skilfully, cut out all of the features.
    5.Accurately stick in the other coloured paper feature’s in.
    6.Finally write your signature.

  3. make Ann

    What you will need list
    .a pencil
    And portrait of Ann

    1.Gently draw the face of Ann
    2.Carefully draw the hair of Ann and cut a black pieces of paper and stick it on the head
    3. slowly draw half of the body of Ann and stick red pieces of paper on Ann body
    4.smoothly colour face with peach crayon
    5.Finally make a lip shape band make it red and the eyes and eyelashes should be black

    And that’s how to make Ann

  4. 1: Carefully create Anne’s head.
    2: Finely draw Anne’s hair.
    3: Sensibly blend or create the Primary colours with black and white.
    4: Accuracly cut out the features.
    5: Sensibly cut black paper for its hair.
    6: Now write your signature.

  5. 1.carfuly draw your head
    2.accrutly draw your hair
    3.gently coulour your face
    4.skilfully cut out eyes,nose,mouth
    5.stick eyes,nose,mouth
    6.stick matierial on

  6. 1. gently draw the head on the pice of paper.
    2. slowly,you need to sketch the hair.
    3. Carefully you need to colour lend the face using primary colours.
    4. Acurretly draw the face of the head.
    5. Skilfully stick the features using coloured paper,with red and black.
    6. Draw the jumper carefully.
    7. stick some red strips on the jumper.

  7. 1. Sensibly create the outline.
    2. Colour blend the inside of the skin.
    3. Use the primly colours- White and black.
    4. Cut out the features of the face.
    5. Stick carefully the features on the paper.
    6. Stick accurately the

  8. Carefully draw a circle for Anne’s head.
    Sensibly draw Anne’s hair whith some colour blend.
    Finely use black and white paint for the hair.
    Slowly cut out the features with black and red paper.
    Gentlly stick black toshue paper on to the paper.

  9. 1.Skillfully draw Anne’s head
    2.carefully Draw her hairline
    3.gently shade head and blend the coular
    4.accuratlley add the eyes mouth and nose
    5.lightly shade her head

  10. 1.Carefully draw the head onto the paper.
    2.Sensibly draw Anne’s hair.
    3.Accuratly colour and blend the face using black and white.
    4.Slowly stick feathers on the paper.
    5.finely stick black material onto the hair and red for the jumper.
    Written by the super safa Khan and Inaaya Khan

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