Year 3 – Literacy – Red group

Year 3 have been learning all about ‘Myths and Legends’ the last two weeks in literacy. In each of the myths there has been a mythical beast. Yesterday we created our own mythical beasts thinking about: What will it’s magical power be? What noise will it make? What will it look like? Will it be tall? Will it be male or female? Where will it live?

After planning and sketching out a rough idea of what we wanted our own mythical beasts to look like, this is what we created:

img_1415 img_1414 img_1413 img_1412 img_1411 img_1410





Your challenge for today is to write a character description for your mythical beasts. REMEMBER to use powerful adjectives, similes and powerful verbs to describe what your mythical beast is doing.

Below is a word bank of adjectives to help you!

Eerie Gigantic Monstrous Spooky
Small Stinky Evil Smelly
Disgusting Dirty Thin Elegant
Rotten Creepy Gloomy Vile
Colourful Cheerful Pretty magical
Miserable Filthy Loud Noisy
Horrible Grotesque Frightening Ancient
Tall Horrid Sinister Sharp
Spine-chilling Thick Terrifying bright


9 thoughts on “Year 3 – Literacy – Red group

  1. Holly is a mythical beast she has enormous spiky wings as spiky as a cactus.Her ears are colossal so she can her from far away.This mythical beast lives in the dark parts of Athens.Holly’s skin is like a crocodiles and she can also be invisible when she knows someone is nearby. She eats almost eats every thing even other beasts.

  2. Flychy has a big long peacock tail.Her magical powers are that she can turn into a
    nice person.This mythical beast has four ears,she has two dog ears and two donkey ears.On her peacock tail she has red dots.She can fly as fast as a leapord.
    When she changes into her magical powers there is duck steps.

  3. I can Itroduce my monster that is called SIDESHOW BART!This terrible
    beast can rip through wall’s,fly and do the most worst move in the world,eat the flesh of…A HUMAN!He has bloody knifes all over he body.Did you know he can turn invisible in the sun!?!?Sideshow Bart has a bushy mustash so he looks like a man but actually…He’s a beast!

  4. My beast is called Leonado. He is half slug and half turtle. He can fly and has a button that makes him teleport. He has a menacing speed of 99 miles per hour. He is golden and is teeth is sharper than a machete or chainsaw. His eyes are brighter than the sun. He runs like he is in a race and he is a cheetah with Usain Bolt and Mo Farah. He has his own mansion and a cave. He can roar like a lion. He can sing like Justin Beiber 🎤. Thank you for reading my paragraph. 🏆

  5. This beast is called Percy.The horrible beast has a wet watery tail and a firey sword and shield.It is swift as a cheetah and huge like a skyscaper.the pink,huge wings can take him to space.Percy’s macical powers is that he can breathe in water,suvive in fire as long as he has the sword or shield,can breathe in space and he can survive when he is falling down with the wings and more.he is quiet like a mice.he has a humans middle a tigers face and a doiphins tail.

  6. Skyteddy is very mighty and it has a magical power that is he can teleport eny where also he can pick people from the ground because he is a giant. He hates other good monitors and he likes bad people. There is a secret he will not share to enyone in the world if you want to find out what the secret is it is this he doesn’t eat bad people he first asked that are you bad or good. Skyteddy sings like Lucas Grahame🎶🎶🎶. Also he run up to 100,00 miles per hour.

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