Year 3 – Literacy – Reds

Year 3 have been learning about Myths and Legends this week. A myth we have been looking at is Theseus and the Minotaur. Here is the story below:



Now answer these questions.

  1. How was Theseus feeling at the beginning of the story? How do you know?
  2. Do you think the King of Athens was worried about Theseus going to kill the Minotaur. Why/why not?
  3. How do you think Theseus was feeling just before he entered the maze. Why do you think this?
  4. How do you think Ariadne felt about Theseus? What did she do that makes you think this?
  5. Why was Theseus so angry when he faced the Minotaur?
  6. How do you think Ariadne would have felt when she realised that Theseus had left her behind? Why would she feel this way?
  7. At the end Theseus says “From now on, I shall never do anything rash or foolhardy again”. Why do you think he made this promise?

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  1. 1.Theseus felt angry in the beginning of the story because each year the Minotaur was killing his people.
    2.I think king of Athens is worried about Theseus going to fight the Minotaur because his son might die.
    3.Theseus felt positive when he entered the labyrinth. He felt this because he is not scared of the Minotaur.
    4.I think Ariadne loves Theseus because she gave him a string ball to help him survive.
    5.Theseus was angry when he faced the Minotaur because he was hurting Theseus.
    6.She felt disappointed because Theseus tricked her.
    7.He made that promise because he forgot to change his sail to white and his farther died.

  2. 1:Theseus felt sad because peephole got fed to the minoutaur. 2:He did feel sad because Theseus might die. 3:He felt brave hen he went into the maze. 4:Ariadne felt brave about Theseus. 5:He was angry because he wanted to kill him. 6:She felt sad because Theseus left her on a island. 7:Because he left Ariadne on a island so the gods made him forget to change the sails so his father thought that Theseus died so he walked of a cliff and hit the water hard.

  3. 2.I think the King of Athens was worried about Theseus killing the minotaur because none of them ever return.
    3.I think Theseus was terrified when entering the maze because he didn’t have his sword white him.
    4.I think Ariadne felt sad and in love because in the entrance she gave him a sowrd and a ball of string to find his way out.
    5.Theseus was angry about The Minotaur because he killed lots of villagers
    6.i think Ariadne felt shocked when she found out when she was left on the island and furious because she helped him and Theseus left her behind
    7.because he left Ariadne behind the gods made him forget to change the sails so his father jumped of the cliff.

  4. 1.Theseus felt fine at the at the beginning and I no becauses I read the story.
    2.yes king Athens was worried about theseus was going to fight the Minotaur becauses the minotaur eats 7 girls and 7 boys.

  5. Q1) Theses was feeling worried and scared to go to the Minator for the war.
    Q2) Yes the King was worried that Theses was going to fight with the Minator because the Minator eats people and the King was nervous so the Minator eats Theses.

  6. 1. Angry Sad Unhappy Corougless because the people died and that’s just sad 💀
    2. Yes because a male bull weigh 1,100kg and is really strong
    3. Scared Terrified Worried because a bull is really strong

  7. Theusas and the minatour:

    At the start Theasus felt sad and shocked that his fathers men were getting killed and never came back.⚡️
    Yes I do think that King Athens was pretty much worried of his son going to fight the horrible creature.👻👻
    I predict that Theseus felt terrified that he was going to go by himself.😔
    As myself I think that she felt uncomfortable at the island of fruits, but she never did anything that made the boy runaway.😭😭😭

  8. 1.He felt like scared because he never fight a beast.
    2.Yes because he thought Theseus is not to strong.
    3.I predict that he felt braver than he thought.
    4.She thinks he is going to lose because the Minotaur is so strong.

  9. Theseus felt sad and angry because he had never defeated the minortour before. Yes because the minortour killed lots of people.

    By safa and Zack

  10. Sad and angry at the same time
    Yes because theses is his son and he only has one son
    Courageous and a little bit lost because he

  11. Theseus felt angry at the start😡
    Yes because it’s his son
    He felt strong🔩
    She felt worried because she thought he died💀
    Because he killed people🔪
    I’ll feel sad because your lonely😱
    So he is brave

  12. How was Theseus feeling at the beginning of the story?
    I think that he felt worried because he might not defeat the Minotaur. Do you think the King of Athens was worried about Theseus going to kill the Minotaur. Yes because he might die.

  13. Theseus felt brave and confident.
    Yes because he had already eaten some.
    Scared because it was so dark.
    Furious because she felt in love.
    Because he had eaten all of his people.
    She felt shocked because she helped him.
    Because he was selfish.

  14. He was feeling brave and didn’t feel anxious.No because he is a cruel King and he send him in.He was anxious and and I now this because he took a deep breath.

  15. At the start of the story Theseus felt brave and confident.He was ready for his revenge on the minator.

    I don’t think he was worried I think he was waiting to see what would happen.

    I think he felt a bit scared and ready to kill this horrible threat.

    Ariadne felt a little bit cross after all she did for him and he just left her on a island.

    Because his father fell off the cliff.

  16. 1)He feels confident and brave.
    2)Yes because he didn’t want him to be dead.
    3)He felt worried and scared. I think this because you haven’t entered it before.
    4)Scared because she didn’t want him to be dead.
    5)He felt brave.
    6)Sad because she wanted to marry him.
    7)Because he didn’t want eny more people in his family to die

  17. 1. Theseus was feeling brave and confident. 2. I think he was worried because he has killed a lot of people before. 3. I think he was feeling anxious and worried. 4. She was in love because he was brave. 5. Because he wanted his revenge because the Minotaur eat all of the people6. She felt cross and lonely because she was by herself! 7. I think because his father died and he was being sarcastic and selfish.

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