Year 3 Maths Challenge

Look at this bar chart showing leisure centre usage, then answer the questions underneath.



Bronze Challenge

Which activity is the most popular?

Which activity is the least popular?


Silver Challenge

How many more people were swimming at 10am than 9pm?

What time of day is the busiest in the leisure centre?


Gold Challenge

Why was the café at its busiest at 1pm?

How many people were using the leisure centre at 1pm?

What other information might the leisure centre want to collect? Suggest your ideas.

20 thoughts on “Year 3 Maths Challenge

  1. Silver challenge:
    The busiest was 10 am because it had the most votes on the bar chart.
    Gold challenge:
    The cafe was busiest at 1pm so they can have a rest or a break from all they done. The number for how many people have been in the cafe at 1pm is about 32.

  2. Bronze challenge:
    1. The most popular activity is swimming because it shows it on the bar chart.
    2. Also the tennis court is the least popular out of the 4 activities.
    Silver challenge:
    1. The answer is 28 as well.

  3. Maths challenge


    1) The café was busy at 1pm because people wanted to have a break from the activities, and have tea or coffee before they continue with what they were doing.

    2) By adding all the people in or around 1 o’clock in the leisure centre the total was.

    43 + 20 + 39 + 32 = 134 people using the leisure centre at 1pm.

    3)The leisure centre want to collect information about which activity is the most popular and which is least popular, so they could change something.

    By using this information they could collect the number of people visiting the centre and they could increase or decrease price of the leisure centre entry fee and it activities.

  4. bronze challenge
    swimming is the most popular.
    tennis is the least popular

    silver challenge
    33 people more than 9pm than 10pm.
    leisure centre is at busiest at 1 day.

    gold challenge

    because going 1pm at the café is the perfect time

  5. Bronze:
    1.The most popular is swimming.
    1.Tennis is the least popular.
    1.yes it is the busiest out of the cafe.
    2.the leisure is used 1 day.

  6. Gold:
    At 1 PM the cafe the busiest because 32 people came.
    In the leisure centre there were 43 people.
    People that use the area our the leisure centre.
    The bars coloured in the same colour as the time.

  7. Bronze challenge.
    Swimming is the most popular and the Tennes court is the least popular.
    Silver challenge.
    Swimming was the most busiest in the leisure centre.

  8. Bronze
    The most popular event is swimming because it has the most people that voted for it.
    The leat popular are tennis courts because it has the lowest amount of votes.

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