Year 3 Maths Challenge

Gold challenge

Ali and his friends collect football stickers. Every week they get together to swap stickers, and to see what stickers they all have. Last week they met at Ali’s house. They counted their stickers. Ali had 263 stickers. Liam had 536 stickers and Michael had 361 stickers. Sean didn’t count his stickers but he compared his pile with Michael’s pile and Ali’s pile. Sean had fewer stickers than Michael but more stickers than Ali. Craig and Paul did count their stickers. Craig had 100 fewer than Ali. Paul had 30 stickers more than Michael. Most of Ali’s friends keep their stickers in piles. However, Rory keeps his in envelopes. Last week, he had 3 envelopes with 100 stickers in each, 7 envelopes with 10 in each, and 5 left over. Oliver had 453 stickers. He has been given two sticker books, and he had put his stickers into them. There were 300 stickers in one book and 150 stickers in the other book. He had 3 stickers left over. Ali liked the sticker books so much that he has decided to get a sticker book too.


  1. Who had more stickers: Ali, Liam or Michael? Explain how you know.
  2. How many stickers did Craig have?
  3. Which of these might be the number of stickets Sean had? (236, 326, 623) How do you know?


Silver challenge

  1. There are 32 children in Year 4 and 33 in Year 5. How many children are there in Years 4 and 5 ?
  2. There were 56 children in the music lesson, but 5 went to the toilet and 3 were sent home because they were ill. How many children were left in the lesson?
  3. There were 423 people on Train A, 298 people on Train B and 196 people on Train C. How many people were there altogether ?


Bronze challenge

Write 3 different word problems using the calculation below. (Some key vocabulary to think about: more, plus, altogether, sum, increase)



62 thoughts on “Year 3 Maths Challenge

  1. 1. Liam had the most stickers he had 536 stickers.

    2. Craig had 163 stickers because he had 100 fewer than ali.

    3. Sean had 326 stickers because he had more stickers than michael but less stickers than ali.

  2. Silver challenge
    1. Year 4 32 students and year 5 33 students. 32+33 = 65 students all together.
    2.56 take away 5 (went toilet) 56 – 5 = 51
    51- take away 3 ( we’re I’ll ) 51 – 3 = 48
    There were 48 students left.
    3.Train A=423 people
    Train B=298 people
    Train C=196 people.423+298+196=917 people’s altogether.

  3. Silver challenge
    1.year 4 32 + year 5 33 = 65 students altogether in year 4 and year 5.
    2. 56 take away 5 (went toilet) 56 -5=51
    51 take away 3( sent home)51-3=48
    48 students left in music class.
    3. Train A =423 people
    Train B=298 people
    Train C=196 people.423+298+196=917 people’s altogether.

  4. Gold chalange
    1.Liam had more stickers then Ali and Michael. Because I read the text and it showed us Liam had more stickers.
    2. Craig had 363
    3.sean had more stickers then Michael and Ali. He had 623 sickers. Because I read the text.

  5. 1. Liam had the most stickers = 536, I knew this because this was written in the text.
    2. =263 + 100 = 363 Craig had 363.
    3. Seen might have more stickers then michael had 361 so the answer is 623, because seen had little bit more then Michael so seen might had 623.

  6. silver challenge
    year 4 32+ year 5 33=65

    56 take away 5 (went toilet)= 51
    51 take away 3 (went home) = 48

    TRAIN A 423
    TRAIN B 298
    TRAIN C 196
    TOTAL= 917

  7. Sliver
    1. I used the colum method and the answer is 65 because you only need to add your number using the colum method.
    Liam had the most sticker and he had more sticker than the other did ‘t win.

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