Year 3 Maths Home Learning 23.02.21

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Fluent in 5

Try these questions. You can work them out in your head or use a written method.

Lets see how you got on!

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Today we are going to measure in centimetres and millimetres.


Complete the 2do on Purple Mash called ‘measuring length in cm.’


Play the game below. Measure the lines in both centimetres and millimetres.

Click here to play


What is the length of the snake in both centimetres and millimetres?


Send in a photo of you work to the link below.

Click here to upload

179 thoughts on “Year 3 Maths Home Learning 23.02.21

  1. 83+8= 91
    20-7= 13

    Bronze completed on purple mash 10/10.

    Silver completed.

    Gold – The snake is 9cm and 80mm long.

    The match stick is just under 8cm long and
    72mm long.

  2. Bronze
    I scored 9/10 .
    I played the game.
    The snake measures 8cm.
    I think the match stick measures 7cm . I can see the red tip doesn’t fall properly on 7. if it starts from 7, it will end correctly on 14.

  3. Bronze:
    I completed my task on purple mash i scored 10/10.
    The link is not working.
    The snake is 11cm.
    The snake is 110mm.
    Greater depth:
    Karl is incorrect because it is not in the right position because the match stick is half way between 6 and 7.

  4. I’ve played the game for bronze.
    I’ve played the game for silver.
    9cm and 9mm
    We can’t know because it’s not starting at 0.

    • Good effort Aarav . If there are 10 mm in 1 cm how many would be in 9 cm? Remember to times by 10.
      Your answer for GD is wrong have another go?

    • Well done. How did did get on with the game?
      There are 10mm in 1 cm this is your clue . Have a go at the GD challenge,I know can do this😊

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