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  1. 1.In your arms, you have triceps and biceps.In your legs, you have calf muscles and thigh muscles.
    2.Lots of muscles help you get very fit and strong.
    3.All muscles connect to some of the bones in a skeleton.
    4.The name of the muscles are triceps and biceps and they extend the lower arm.
    5.We need exercise to make our muscles work.
    6.When we are exercising, some muscles relax and some contract.

  2. 1.all muscles move your bone because if you had 1 bone you won’t be able to move it.

    2.muscles are joined to another bone so you can move your arm.

    3.get your arm so on the top slowly bend your arm and the triceps should be contracting and the biceps should be relaxing.

  3. all the muscle make you move and do thing.your muscle are connet to your bones. triceps and biceps. your muscle need to be heathly.if you do exercise your muscle will get stronger. leg and arm join and head

  4. all of our bones have got names and we have 650n bones.
    muscle are parts of your body that move the other parts of your body.your muscle could extend .it is the muscle that bends and stretches it ceepes you strong.

  5. by Abdul Akbar

    1.your knees and elbose are joints.
    2.muscles help you move and bend your arms and other parts of your body.If you do not have muscles you can not move anything.
    3.your muscles connect to your bones.

  6. all off our bones have got names and we have 650 bones so we are not floppy.There is a string called a tentenda to keep our skin together.every animal has got bones and every human has got bones.tHERE IS A TRICEPS CONTRACTING AND A TRICEPS RELAXING IN OUR BODIES.

  7. 1.A joint is where your knees and elbow allways join altogether
    2.The muscle always move your bones
    3.The muscles connect your elbow.
    4. the bones connect your

  8. 1. What are the Joins your knees and albows are Joins are always altogether.
    2.All your bones have muscle to them the muscle that move to your bones.

  9. write down the name of the joints in your arm and your leg!knees and albows.
    2.what do all muscle do!
    the muscle controlled you arms.
    3.what does muscle connect to!
    it connect to your shoulder bones.

  10. 1. The knees joint are called knee caps and the elbow joint is called joint.
    2. All the muscle moves.
    3.The muscles connected to Biceps and Triceps.
    4.The muscle that bend and extend is Triceps.
    5.the muscle needs blood to move.
    6.the heart pumps faster.

  11. 1.Knees and elbows are joints2.the muscles all move3.the muscles connects to biceps and triceps4.biceps and triceps5.the muscle6.the heart pumps faster

  12. 2. All muscles help you move.
    3. The muscles is joined to the tendon.
    4. The uper one is called the biceps and the botem one is called triceps.
    5. The joints help the muscles to work.
    6. Then your stretch.

  13. Muscles are part of your body that move the other parts of your body.
    all your bones have muscles connected to them: it is the muscles that move the bones.
    muscles work in pairs can only pull the bones-they cannot push them.
    the arms have muscles that flexs[bends]the lower arm called the biceps,and the muscles that extends[straightens] it called the triceps.

  14. Muscles help all of our bodies move.
    Muscles are connected to your tendon.
    Biceps and triceps.
    One of your muscles get tight when you relaxe your muscle the other one gets tight.

  15. 1. There are different muscles in your arm and legs like forearm muscles and much more.

    2.Muscles are connected to a type of stuff which is called Tendon.

    3.All muscles help you bend your joints.

  16. Although the bones in your arms are not flexible you can still bend your arms. This is because each arm contains more than one bone and you can bend them where the bones meet.

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