Year 3 PE – School Games Challenge 1 – Athletics

Hello Year 3, and welcome to your weekly PE session! Over the coming weeks, everyone in school will have the chance to compete and represent Broad Heath in the virtual school games, win prizes for yourself and the school, and get active and healthier all at the same time. This is a fantastic opportunity to represent the school for those students who have yet to do so, and for those who have experience at competing to step up and show the other students in the city how Broad Heath primary do things! So, this weeks competition is;

Athletics – Jump and run challenge!

As on the video, after your warm up and strengthening exercises, you need to complete a standing jump and then time a 10x5m shuttle. Then take your time (25 seconds for example), take that away from 100 (100-35) and you get your shuttle score (75). Then add your run score to your jump score (say 110cm) then you come out with your total score, in this case it would be 185. Then, you can post your score to the blog and I will send it to the school games. Alternatively, you can send your score straight to the school games The value we are looking at is HONESTY so make sure your scores are accurate.

100 – Average score

150 – Quite good

200 – Very good

250 – Excellent!

300+ – Check your distance/times, you have not timed/ measured correctly!

You can also log your activity by following this link – , tying in the school postcode CV6 5DP and selecting your year group (Year 3 team). Let’s see which year group can be the most active!


There are 3 £5 amazon gift vouchers for the best KS1 and KS2 performers from across the city, and a £75 school kit voucher for the most active school, so get active and take part!

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    • That’s fantastic Saee, do you mean inches or cm? All I need now is your 10x5m shuttle score and I can put you score into the school games! Well done for being the first person to enter a score.

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