Year 3 Pirate School – Inverted Commas Yaaarrr!!

Yarrrrrr Year 3!

As part of our pirate project we have been learning to speak like pirates! Y’aaaaaargh! To be able to pass our next stage of pirate school, we need to prove we know exactly how pirates speak by using inverted commas.

Can you write an exciting conversation between these pirates with the inverted commas in the correct places?



Remember to include their names: Peg Polkadot, Percy Patch, Hank Chief and Ben Buckle.

Red table, I would like to see you use alternative words for said, adverbs, subordinate clauses and a range of punctuation.

21 thoughts on “Year 3 Pirate School – Inverted Commas Yaaarrr!!

  1. “WERE IS MY FOOD” hank chief shouted “Bring it now” he demanded.
    “It’s coming calm down” percy patch replied “here it is” he said
    “Finally i’m starving” peg polkadot said hungrily
    “lets dig in” said ben buckle
    “ohhh this is terrible” whispered peg polka-dot “Who’s gonna tell him” she said
    “Not it” said everyone accept Ben Buckle
    “ww-what that’s not fair I didn’t know again again lets go yeah” Ben buckle said hopefully “oh come on I,ll say it gently”he said “Percy patch ya food stinks” he shouted
    “way to put it genly”hank chief said
    “i know i’m real gentle like a dove” he replied

  2. “Yaaar where’s my food?” shouted Hank Cheif.
    CALM DOWN!screamed Percy Patch.
    “It smells in here”. moaned Peg Polkadot.
    “What are you making”. yelled Ben Buckle
    CRAB obviously said Percy Patch.

  3. ” your cooking tonight i hope the food is g oing to be great percy patch” said hankchief
    ” me but my food is horible “. said percy patch
    ” get on with it!” said hank chief
    ” I’m going to be sick with his food . said peg polkadot
    “when is the food ready! ?” said hank chief
    ” coming ” said percy patch
    ” this food is horible” said ben buckle.

  4. ” What is that food and why is it stinky like rotten eggs?”screamed peg polkadot.
    “Why can’t you cook food propally peg polkadot”roared Hank chief.
    But but but! I made it with clear instructions sir.”wailed peg polkadot.
    ” No you are out of the Pirates club.”said Hank chief.
    Favour And Lacey😊😊😊

  5. “Why are you looking at me like this?” said percy patch
    ” Do you have to give me this old and dirty junk?” said hank chief
    ” Can you please just be quiet and eat it!” said percy patch
    ” Give me something else amediantlay you scalywag or you will walk the plank!” said hankchief
    ” Yes sir!” said Percy Patch.

    Ismail and Zeinab k

  6. “Why did you bring a crab?”asked Hank chief.
    “It wasn’t my fault you old rascal!”screamed Peg polkadot.
    “Why did you bring this junk old lady?” questioned Ben Buckle.
    “Would you all stop arguing you old piece of junk!”skuaked Percy Patch.

    Fathiya& faheem😐

  7. “Yarrrrrrrrgh I think this is the correct island!”yelled Hank chief happily.
    “Look there is a huge hole there,I think someone has aleready taken the treasure,”shouted Ben buckle.They hurried over to the hole.

  8. ” come and taste my yummy fish pie!” Called Percy patch .”I don’t want your messy pie shouted Hank chief !” “Well you have to eat it.” Said Percy patch.

  9. “I hate your crab.”moaned Hank chief.”He Isant that bad”sighted Peg pokadot.”Let him go sleep !”shouted Percy pach.”Let’s talk about the main thing that means the plan is the basic thing that we are talking about”cried Percy pach.”that is true”.cried peg.

  10. ” come on you have to eat fish pie!” Yelled Percy patch smoothly.
    ” I don’t want to eat the messy fish !” Screamed Hank chief miserably
    ” just eat a title bit .” Cried Percy patch kindly .” Make this better ” screamed Hank chief.

  11. “What do your want to eat” sharply peg picador said
    ” I do not want to eat anything” boomed Hank chief
    ” you have to eat something or you will have no energy ”
    ” if you don’t leave me alown you will get a vitious beating ” roared Hank chief

  12. “This ugly thing for me booty a horribly ugly deal a waste of booty!!” Complained Hank chief.
    “Well let’s rob em ”
    “Good idea” said Ben buckle
    “Perfect idea Percy” said Hank chief excitedly
    “We got our booty were out ” violently said hank chief

  13. “where are we doing?”asked Peg Polkadot.
    “Looking at this crab?”wailed Hank Chief.
    “Can we look at something else?”signed Percy patch
    “It smells like rotten cheeses ?”yelled Ben Buckle
    “Ahhhhhhhhhh”.shouted all of them.
    They put the crab in the sea.

  14. “Here we go delicious dinner sir”grumbled Percy Patch.
    “What is this disgraceful food?”yelled Hank Chief angrily.
    “It’s fish pie,sir”moaned Percy patch.
    “I see are you trying to poison me”shouted Hank Chief.
    “No sir”cried Percy Patch.

  15. “Eat my fish pie” wailed Percy patch disappointedly.
    “More like fish mess” complained Hank chief violently.
    “JUST EAT!”boomed Percy patch wildly.
    “NO IT’S DESCUSTING” walked Hank chief loudly.
    “Walk the plank” boomed Hank chief.
    “Fine”roared Percy patch

  16. “Come on,Are you going to eat it or what!”Percy patch declared disappointedly “I don’t have all day!”
    “I hate your horrid ,smelly fish pie!”Complained Hank Cheif miserably “None of us like it if you don’t believe me ask them!”
    “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings”replied Peg Polkadot “I never liked it I poured it in the sink!”
    “I thought I can trust you guys,but you never like me you never did”sighed Percy patch”I hate you guys if you still want me to be on your side You will have to eat 3 whole boules of my soup if you don’t I will tell the other pirates your plan!”

    ” ok ,ok we will eat 3 boules of your soup!” Sighed Hank Cheif “Won’t we?”

    “Yes we will” cried Ben buckle

  17. “What is this ugly thing”wailed Hank chief
    “This is fish pie “yelled Percy patch”
    “Make this better now”screamed Hank chief
    “Why” moaned Percy patch
    “Because”shrieked Hank chief.

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