Year 3 – Portfolios Spring 1 2022

What a great half term in Year 3. Many of you have shown hard work ,dedication and perseverance in order to gain good progress in learning. Take a look at the portfolios with your family and friends and celebrate your progress in your learning. You have all achieved a lot and you should be very proud of yourselves. We are looking forward to more fun learn next half term. Have a good holiday.

How have you made progress this term and what have you enjoyed learning about and why?


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  1. My progress was when we were in computing I knew how to make the characters move.
    I enjoyed roman day because we learned about Julius Caeser.

  2. I can pinch it better and make it taller instead of making it wider.
    I can also change it into something else like a bee.
    And I can put giant, googly eyes with a black mouth.
    And maybe I can decorate it more with like glitter if I’m allowed to.

    • You did a really good job with your pinch pot Meena. Is there anything by hat you think you could have improved on to make your pit even better?

    • I had made progress by learning all of my times tables and answering all of the questions correct.

      We have learnt how to draw a myth character and how to draw a hero for our myth characters story.

      We have also learnt in English some different types of funny and not so much funny poems.

      In science we have learnt how to grow plants and how do they grow.

  3. How have you made progress this term and what have you enjoyed learning about and why?
    I have made progress this half term in computing because I know how to make a moving program.
    I enjoyed it when we made our plant pots because it was fun painting them.

  4. My favourite one was history because we dressed as romans and played roman game and learning about the romans and also it was extremely hard in the roman time