Year 3 – Portfolios Spring 1 2022

What a great half term in Year 3. Many of you have shown hard work ,dedication and perseverance in order to gain good progress in learning. Take a look at the portfolios with your family and friends and celebrate your progress in your learning. You have all achieved a lot and you should be very proud of yourselves. We are looking forward to more fun learn next half term. Have a good holiday.

How have you made progress this term and what have you enjoyed learning about and why?


  1. My progress was when we were in computing I knew how to make the characters move.
    I enjoyed roman day because we learned about Julius Caeser.

  2. I can pinch it better and make it taller instead of making it wider.
    I can also change it into something else like a bee.
    And I can put giant, googly eyes with a black mouth.
    And maybe I can decorate it more with like glitter if I’m allowed to.

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