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  1. Silver:
    Cat-This is hopeless Cat sighed It feels like we’ve been walking round in circles forever.
    The path had led them into a long narrow passage that twisted round and round.They didn’t seem to be getting any closer to finding Nok.
    Which way now? Ant said
    By umaiyyah

  2. Dear diary,

    Today I went out into the forest 🌳 in search of berries🍒. I managed to find some, but then I found an abandoned cat 🐈 in the bushes 🌿. I took it home 🏠 and fed it some berries 🍒. The cat 🐈 ate some, and it decided to stay with me in my home 🏠. I decided to call it kitty 🐱 soft paws 🐾. It stayed with me and I bought it a collar and a bed 🛏 (cat bed) and It loved me. So I’ve had it for 5 years now! That’s why my bond with Kitty soft paws is so strong and she is now playful, friendly, and safer in my home 🏠.

    By Chloe 🐾.

  3. Dear diary
    Today i was looking for the fragments in the purple forest, we saw some meeps. The meeps were sucking up green goo and they spotted us. We ran past some white flowers, then I had an ideas, so we climbed up the flowers and hi in the petals. While the meeps went pass.

  4. Silver
    diary today I and my dear friend alfuondo were involved
    In a crime to steal the golden egg so we dress up.
    As birds but when we, the only thing was shattered
    Chocolate I almost got eaten


  5. Samaaaaaaaaaaaaailver
    diary today I and my dear friend alfuondo were involved
    In a crime to steal the golden egg so we dress up.
    As birds but when we, the only thing was shattered
    Chocolate I almost got eaten


  6. Silver
    Animal Trainer
    The girls might feel sad because the dog didn’t listen to them and they won’t be a famous animal trainer .

  7. Silver challenge
    Dear Diary
    15 May 2018
    I am going to grandmothers house today as I have to take some cake to her.
    I am excited, but at the same time I am very worried about what and who I will meet on my way to grandmothers house and if I will arrive there save.
    Anyway time to go now,
    See you soon

    Little Red Riding Hood

  8. Bronze
    Marmalade-It is made from a citrus fruit,especially bitter oranges.
    Coast-A part of the land adjoining or near the sea.
    Ancient-Ancient means belonging to the very distant past and no longer in existence.

  9. the knockits of knokity hoo

    tiptoed- when u walk on you toes
    MY friend tiptoed to the shop

    winding stairs-stars thst twist when you go up them
    I wnt up some winding stairs

  10. I chose the book the children and the silly kings.
    1.Rival.A person or thing competing with another in the same field like Ronaldo and Messi are the Rivals in football.
    2.Glared.stare in an angry way like she glared at him.
    3.Treaty.A formal agreement.The two presidents signed the treaty of peace.

  11. I read the a book about Horrid Henry.I found three words i don’t know.
    1, Hammock a bed made of cloth or rope that you hang up at two end.
    2,Obstacle-a thing blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.
    3,Marmalade-means soft sweet food made from oranges or lemon.we had toast and maralade for breakfast.

  12. My favourite book is Little red riding hood
    1 Emotion- have you thought about the feelings
    Sentence- I have different feelings than my friends
    2United -let’s all go together
    Sentence-we are all super united

  13. The Book that i got the words from is ‘Little red riding hood’.

    1)Croak – This means a deep rough sound made by frogs.
    – The frog was croaking happily.

    2)Muster – This is to bring things together.
    – The boy had mustered some stamps.

    3)Quiver – This is when you shake a bit quickly.
    – The little girl quivered in fear.

  14. Bronze:

    1) Extraordinary- very unusual or remarkable.
    Sentence- Tom is an athlete with extraordinarily speed.

    2) Revolting- causing intense disgust, disgusting.
    Sentence- Picking your nose is a revolting habit.

    3) Hankering- a strong desire to have to do something.
    Sentence- I always had hankering to go to Africa.

  15. BRONZE:

    Romeo and Juliet:

    Tapestries- A piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs formed by weaving coloured weft threads or by embroidering on canvas, used as a wall hanging or soft furnishing.

    Dozen- A group or set of twelve.

    Radiant- Sending out light, shining or growing brightly.


    That human who I loved that night, such amazement in his sight. Thought it’s a dream, but no it’s not. But then he killed my cousin, what a big shock! He got banned from Verona, in the deep dark woods, never wondoring why,we were both so shook. I was forced toward another marriage, I didn’t want to! I sobbed and sobbed in fear, with a flood of tear. I drank a potion and fell a sleep. Romeo came back, but he drank poison and died. I’m next…….


    Friar Lawrence, how does it feel for an end of war between two enimies?
    Well, it feels very different living in peace after all.

    How about the death of Romeo and Juliet?
    Oh, that was horrible! The two were so close but came to an end of era.

    How close were they?
    Very very close indeed.

  16. “Hello dear Sam,” Said Ahmad,
    “I’m sad” replied Sam.
    “Why are you sad?”ask Ahmad.
    “Because my dog died!” Sam said angrily,
    Ahmad replied “ why are you shouting?”.
    “Because i am angry!” said Sam.
    “Because some one killed my dog” said Sam.

  17. My favourite book is Romeo and Juliet
    1)Emotions-Your thoughts and feelings
    Sentence: I have different emotions on my cousin

    2)United-Come together
    Sentence:We are all united

    3)Contained-Have or gold within
    Sentence:The cigarette contained cannabis

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