Year 3 Reading challenge


What do you think is happening? How do you think the characters are feeling? Why?




Answer these questions using your inference skills

  1. Why do you think Lucy got into the wardrobe?
  2. How do you think Lucy felt when she found Narnia? Why do you think that?
  3. Did Lucy make any noise as she walked towards the lamp post? Which words tell you this?
  4. Was Lucy afraid of the faun? Explain why.


Look at these statements. Are they true or false? How do you know? Use evidence from the text to prove this.

  1. Silently, Lucy travelled to the lamp post.
  2. The faun had a vile, ugly face.
  3. The faun thought ‘Spare room’ was a country.
  4. Lucy liked the faun.


Write a diary entry as Lucy when she entered the wardrobe for the first time. Think about how she felt at different times and explain why.  Remember to write in first person.

Dear Diary,

Today I

77 thoughts on “Year 3 Reading challenge

  1. I find that the characters feelings are that they missed lousy and lousy missed them
    because lusy went in the wardroud a endid up in the woods there was a weird man he had goats leg and horns.

  2. The First picture has a cover of Susan and Lucy and the lion
    Then they went to the beavers house
    They hugged Edmun they had a big fought with the white witch but the best loin
    roored then the white witch died.

  3. Platinum.

    Dear Diary

    Today I am in a amazing snowy place and the snow is so soft. As wandered around
    and I found a man that was a professor. His legs were shaped as goat he was a faun. “Good morning I said. “Good morning he said.

  4. Bronze challenge
    1]In the first picture Lucy, Susan and Peter look worried because of there facial expressions.
    2]In the second picture Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter are joyful because Edmund came back from the witch of Narnia.

    Silver challenge
    1]I think lucy went into the wardrobe because she was playing hide and seek.
    2] I think Lucy felt scared because she was hiding and she just fell into a new unimaginable world.
    3]When Lucy was walking towards the lamp post she made a crunch sound because in italics it says that when she walks and she makes a crunching noise.
    4]Lucy was afraid at first and then she became more confident because she starts talking to the faun.

    Gold challenge
    The first one is false because she makes a crunching noise while she is walking.
    The second one is false because Lucy describing him as a half body man and his legs like goats.
    the third one is true because of the Faun saying when he was a little faun he should have learnt more about these little countries.
    the fourth one is false because she did not like him and it sounded like she was uncomfortable.

    platinum challenge
    Dear Diary,
    Today I went to an unimaginable world because I was playing with my brothers and sisters. When I fell into a mysterious land. I saw an odd looking lamp post.

  5. They saw a bear and the were scared but the bear was kind.because it was a good a place to hide.because the tree touched her.she screemd.she wasent scared od the faun.4 true.dear diary.they were playing hide and seek so Lucy hide in the closet and then she saw the snow and she went to say that she saw the snow so they went and see and they saw the loin the end

  6. Lucy went through a wardrobe and she saw Mr Tumus.
    Lucy felt scared and excited as she was seeing Narina for the first time.
    I think the Faun was feeling scared and happy to see Lucy and confused because he did not know who she was was.
    At the end of their coversatition the faun invited Lucy for tea and they were both friends and felt like they had known each other for years.

  7. Bronze: The children are feeling scared and frightened.

    Silver: Lucy was walking through the snow, her feet were making a crunch crunch sound.

    Gold: False crunch crunch sounds.
    False pleasant little face curly hair.

  8. Silver
    She noticed to be surprise that the soft furs began to feel rough
    and princely just like the branches of trees
    She did like when she did found Narnia
    She walked towards it crunch crunch over the snow as
    Lucy stood wonderning .there was a lamp
    She was surprise

  9. Gold.
    1. False because she travels to get back and she was a man .
    2. True because she was a old ugly man .
    3. True because she saw a tunnel and it had people in.
    4. True because it was breatifull

  10. 1 beacuse she wanted to explore it
    2 i thinked she felt suprise because she found a nice house
    3 she dident make anoise except the snow under her feet.
    4 she was afraid because he said that i needed to kidnap you.
    Silver challenge

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