Reading Challenge

Year 3 Reading Challenge


What do you think is happening? How do you think the characters are feeling? Why?




Answer these questions using your inference skills

  1. Why do you think Lucy got into the wardrobe?
  2. How do you think Lucy felt when she found Narnia? Why do you think that?
  3. Did Lucy make any noise as she walked towards the lamp post? Which words tell you this?
  4. Was Lucy afraid of the faun? Explain why.


Look at these statements. Are they true or false? How do you know? Use evidence from the text to prove this.

  1. Silently, Lucy travelled to the lamp post.
  2. The faun had a vile, ugly face.
  3. The faun thought ‘Spare room’ was a country.
  4. Lucy liked the faun.


Write a diary entry as Lucy when she entered the wardrobe for the first time. Think about how she felt at different times and explain why.  Remember to write in first person.

Dear Diary,

Today I

4 thoughts on “Year 3 Reading Challenge

  1. Bronze
    1.In the story the children got sent to London on the Second World War,to a kind old professer who lived in the country.
    2.I think they are feeling sad because their house had burned.
    1.I think Lucy went into the big wadrobe because she wanted to see what was in there.
    2.I think Lucy was feeling frightended and exited that she found the strange land of ice and snow because she wanted to explore all around.
    3.No Lucy didn’t make a noise,the words that tell me this are towards and pitter patter.
    4.She was not afraid of the faun because when he spoke he spoke kindly.

  2. Bronze
    In the story there were 4c children that were in ww2 they were sent away because London was to dangerous so they moved to the country side
    2.they are sad because there house got burn down
    1. Lucy was curious to go into the
    2.lucy was happy to find narina
    3. The snow made a crunching nosie
    4. Lucy was surprised to see a fuan

  3. Bronze

    1. I think the children are listening to the bear. Their facial expressions makes them seem confused and curious. I think this is because they are talking to a bear and you don’t see many talking bears.

    2. I think that the children have met each other and are talking about what they have been doing. They look happy and relaxed so I think they are glad to see each other and be together.


    1. Lucy was interested in the wardrobe when she opened it she saw fur coats and went inside as she liked the look and feel of them.

    2. When she found Narnia I think Lucy felt surprised, amazed, frightened and confused because its a place she has never been before.

    3. Yes Lucy did make a sound because there was a ‘crunch crunch’ sound.

    4. No Lucy was not afraid of the fawn because she stayed with him, spoke to him and went to his house.


    1. False – as Lucy walked over the snow there was a ‘crunch crunch’ sound.

    2. False – as he had a pleasant little face and curly hair.

    3.True – He said “if only I had worked harder T geography when I was a little fawn I should know about these strange countries”.

    4. True -as they walked together in the woods known each other all their lives.

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