13 thoughts on “Year 3 Reading Challenge

  1. silver

    1. George felt scared i know this because looking at the text it says “his heart was beginning to thump”.
    2. George had used adjectives to decribe the rober such as a tall stooping felow.

  2. Bronze:

    1) Here are three verbs, Tiptoed, Thump and Trotted.
    2) George was feeling extremely nervous, worried and brave.


    1) In the story, George is feeling brave, strong and confident as he taught he can caught the hideous robber.
    2) George use adjective words in describing the robber, such as tall, stooping fellow. This is trying to make us think the robber is horrible.


    1) The author is telling George to be careful and also in story in mention to him. “Look behind you”.
    2) The author use the work creep, to tell George to be careful and not to make any sound. That will show where George is.

  3. Bronze:
    1)the author used crept because walked is not an exiting word.
    2)George is feeling afraid because he never followed a person before.

  4. Silver challenge
    1.I think at the begining of the story gergo was feling brave,happy and frightin becuse it says he is tall and might be a thief.

  5. gold challenge

    1.Look behind you, george, as well as in front,
    quick ,george,look behind you!

    I think she does this to try and help him not get caught.

    2.If you walk the man might hear your foot steps and if you creep the man might not hear you.

  6. Bronze:
    1.trotted,trail, thump
    2.I think George is feeling happy because he caught a thief.
    3. I think George is feeling excited because he taught he is going to catch a robber.
    4. The story that George made up about the man was that he saw man which is tall,stooping fellow who is stealing some things.
    5.The author seems to be talking to George when she said look behind you, George.
    5. The writer talked to George in the story to make it more interesting.
    6. The writer uses the word creep instead of walk becuase if he uses walk it would be a little boring.

  7. Bronze: Crept, follow and stop. George was afraid and happy.
    Silver: He was feeling lonely because there was a tall man. He made the story with the tall man because he wanted us to be puzzled.
    Gold: The girl talked to the boy because they wanted it to be interesting .The author chose the word creep instead of walk because walk is boring.

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