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  1. Dear diary I was in a club it was called the secret seven one day I forgot my password . I was emberessed because if I never knew the password. He will kick me out of the secret club. Then I saw someone in my secret club and I asked him do you know the password of the secret club. He said of corse I do what it is then wenditles. Then I said I new that. Then I was happy and I told my leder the password .

  2. silver challenge
    Winnie the pooh
    dear diary
    today in the morning i felt very very cheerful and active and ready to eat honey that is very tasty and to meet my beloved friends.
    Gold challenge
    “Hello tiger why are you at my house”asked Winnie the pooh?
    “well pooh i am here because I want to see what you are doing”replied tiger.
    Bronze challenge
    fracture:a crack in a bone or a broken bone.
    My friend had a fracture in his left leg.

  3. dear diary,
    on Saturday morning i woke up and went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth then i ate breakfast. Then my cousin came to my house and we played lots of games and we ate lots of sweets and chocolate. It was an amazing day!.

  4. How did you feel on the bear hunt said kaiden
    Oh I felt so scared said dad
    I imagine it. Wondered kaiden
    Well I’ve gotta go now I’m going on a bear hunt

  5. Hi Jamie from dear dumb diary I just want to say why do you hate angeline? I think because I thought angline was making a devious plan.

  6. Scrapman

    Pleased: (adjective)happy or satisfied.
    Together: (ab)with each other.
    Thankfully:(ab)to show you are pleased or greatful about something.
    Jagged:(adjective)rough and with short points.
    Dear Emma,
    When you came,I thought you were a human that walks. But you were a robot that clangs a lot. While you were getting wet,I told you to come inside. Because you were cold the rain would have made you rusty and dirty. During I was playing,I saw you coming down the school fence. Everyone saw you and they were alittle bit scared. But I realy helped you a lot you helped now one you were so mean. I learnt you some words like hello and others. Although in the town,everybody was like who is he?
    Who made you? Winston made me.
    Why did you come to my house? Because I wanted to look around the town.
    Why do you brake things? Because I am so thin and clumsy.
    Why are you so thin? Winston made me so thin.
    Why are you so clumsy? Because I always bang and clang.

  7. Bronce
    .acorn – the seed of an oak tree
    Kiss – when you kiss someone,you touch them on the lips because you like them or love them

  8. Hi horrid Henry
    “How did you feel when you have to do all of your chores”said producer
    “I felt terrible I mean who would ever let a child to do all their chores” said Henry

  9. The iron giant.I am pretending to be Hogarth.
    Dear diary,
    Today when I walked out of my door I saw a giant footprint and I was amazed to see it.I thought I would forget about it and I walked off but when I was in the forest I saw a tractor with a giant teeth mark in it.So I ran to my mom and told her that a tractor was bitten by a giant monster.I thought I would take my mom to come and see it.But then when I got there with my mom the tractor wasn’t there and my mom said to me “Hogarth stop telling silly story’s”then I said”but mom it was right there”and my mom said”NO BUTS”

  10. Silver challenge
    Dear diary

    Today I got out of bed ate my breakfast done my hair and got ready for school walked to school.my teacher done the registered I got my swimming kit and gon to the swimming pool sensible after that I i done english

  11. Dear Diary I had just moved to a new town when is stopped a notice. It was stuck outside a huge house at the end of my street. That’s the job for me , said me I need some more money. He pushed the doorbell. Then I jumped.

  12. Silver horried Henry meets the queen
    I was going to meet the queen thats why I was practising to bal then my brother came and said you bal like this put your Hand on your nose and bal like a girl then I was so so sad that I said you don’t do it like that.

  13. Bronze
    Obedient means you do what people say. it was a splendid dog and like all Swiss dogs it was extremely obedient and well mannered.

  14. My book is called Our Siberian journey by Bryan Alexander

    I didn’t know what yamal ment so I looked in the glossary and it means a region of North west Siberia that has lots of gas.

  15. Bronze challenge
    Mosaic is a type of Roman art.

    1)Mosaic is presented in squares.
    2)Lot’s of small squares form a huge fantastic art.

    Sliver challenge

    Dear diary

    I’m hetty
    Today I saw a little cat and gave it my milk. When my mum found out she got mad. I had 50p to spend but I gave it instead of going on the marigold ride.Also my brother Tom done the same.

    Gold challenge

    The NightTickler

    “Hi tom and Lucy what made you get frightened from the NightTickler” asked The head master who had stopped those horrid things. They both replied “we thought that they were going to invade the planet”. “What made you think that”he asked,Lucy said “because the way they were scattering everywhere and we new the word never get past you haha”.

  16. Bronze:
    She talked in a wheedling way.
    He squinted slowly.
    Kate the royal wedding fairy.
    Today is my wedding but things are not going well i want my fairies to be beautiful.

  17. Dear diary secret 7
    “I an so nervous because I for got my password what I’m I going to do I’ll be kicked
    Out!.” I am felling a bit angry because I for got my password.

  18. Bronze. Challenge
    The word that I did not know was emperor then when the teacher miss jones explained to all of us what it was .A emperor is a Roman who ones his empire

  19. Bronze challenge
    I don’t know the word caretaker it means when a person who cleans the place.
    I don’t know the word adored it means like a born baby lots of people will like the baby and not the big child.I don’t know the word habit it is when you like something then you do it.

  20. Gold:

    My book is called Doohickey and the robot. By Jonathan Emmett.

    “I’ve come about the job.”Said Doohickey
    “What job?” I asked
    “As a assistant.” Said Doohickey
    “The notice sayed you need one.”Said Doohickey
    “Oh absolutely!” I said remembered.

  21. Silver challenge:
    Name: Pinocchio
    Age: 8 years old
    I think that Pinocchio is feeling a bit worried this is because he is going somewhere
    and two weird people came Infront of him so he might have been going back home
    and maybe they are following him so he runs straight off and says in his head ” Let
    me stop for a minute because they must be lagging behind.” Afterwards they come and he’s near home and goes in and says ” Few that I’m away from those pesky little beasts and that I’m safe and sound at home.”

  22. What is your name? My name is jack what are you doing ? I am talking to you what’s your favrourt coulors?pink red blue and gold what is the matter?i don’t now Ian HAPPY!

  23. Diary diary:
    Did you now that it was the baddest day because someone was chasing me it was a which she tured me Into stone then when she went someone helped me that was a good which both of us became friends and we destroyed the which

  24. Dear diary, today someone read my diary and they found out all of my secrets i was so embarrassed I thought ageline did it but then Isaballa who is my best friend told me angeline was covering for me she told me that angeline said this is my cousin Jamie it is her book and it was a different tyepe of Jamie too! Angeline i s my worst enymie but the l felt like we were friends it was shocking for me aswell. Then her uncle got married to my aunt so we basiccaly are real cousin now and not the Jamie when she was covering for me I mean me as Jamie!

  25. bronze…
    I never heard the word a aggressive before but don’t worry I will learn it.
    Dear diary
    today the weather is hot and it keeps like I wish we did! have a best playtime.
    inside the house… sometimes I always sweep the floor and open the door and ho ever it is but I do the dishes.

  26. My book is called dear dumb diary.

    Conveniently: meaning it is something that is normal and regular to do like everybody else. I conveniently turned around three times. After that I conveniently pated my back. Then I conveniently jumped 5 times.

  27. Bronce

    Words I do not no
    .abbey- a big old church once used by monks or nuns
    .air gun – a gun that uses air instead of an explosion to make bullets.

    • Gold challenge:

      I am having a interview with Lenny from jungle shorts.

      “Hello Lenny and welcome to my fabulous TV show, so why have you been chosen for this book”.Said Hamda.”I have been chosen for this book because I am a very good person and I love to act”.said Lenny.Well that is very good speaking and with a clear and loud voice and good night everybody.

  28. Reading Challenge:

    The book that I have chosen is Gorgeous Georgians.


    Woeful: Is when you are not that good at something you have been asked to do.
    Fashionable: Is sometime that is trendy and a lot of people are into it.
    Dalmatian: Is a dog, with many spots on it body.

    Woeful: I am woeful bad at playing computer games.
    Fashionable: I like wearing traditional Asian clothes.
    Dalmatian. My neighbour has a Dalmatian dog.


    Dear diary:

    (Georgian Housemaid)

    Today, the weather is so bad. Its raining heavy and I have to work outside today. I wish I didn’t have to. I hope they let ne working inside.


    Housemaid Interview:

    How old are you?

    I am 8 years old, I would like to go to school and learn.

    Are you happy with the job:

    No, because the house owner makes me do a lot of cleaning and other house work.

  29. Silver Challenge

    Jake(main character)
    I was woken by a hand.”Get up you lazy little urchin,”said Mr Webster. “You have lots on chimneys to sweep.”
    I got up and tied the strings to my shoes.

  30. bronze challenge
    draught means a currant of unpleasantly cold air in a room.
    when mum turned on the fan,it let out a draught around the room.fire extinguisher means a container filled with water or special chemicals that you spray on a fire to stop it from burning.Tom might of had a really bad fall if he had not landed against the fire extinguisher.meek means quiet and unwilling to disagree or fight.

  31. Bronze

    The words that I didn’t know but now I do know are
    admiringly- means that when you do something in a positive way.
    adorded- means when you love and respect someone.
    blobby- something covered or filled with blobs.

    Admiringly- My mum and dad always have a admiringly face.
    Adored-I always adored adults and new people.
    Blobby- The washing up liquid looks very blobby.


    Dear diary,
    Denzil( main character)
    When my baby sister was born, my mum and dad kept on playing and messing about with her. No one adorded me. They were just to busy with Devora (Denzil’s sister.) However, today I’m going to be silly and do something wrong so they could remember me again.


    These are the questions I want to ask the character. They are:
    Why do you want to be disgusting?
    Why didn’t you like your baby sister?
    Why is your baby sister disgusting like you?
    What do think you’re going to do on the following day?
    Has your mum and dad changed?
    How does your mum and dad react to you?

    By Shabnam

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