Year 3 Reading Challenge

This half term our class novel is ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ by Roald Dahl. Use the book to help you to take the challenges.



Summarise the key events in the story.


Make a list of words and phrases that you think are effective in making you want to keep reading the book. Explain why you like them.


Imagine you are Charlie Bucket. Write a letter to Mr Willie Wonka to explain your thoughts about the visit to the chocolate factory.

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  1. gold challenge

    Dear mr willy wonka,
    I am so happy that i won a golden ticket.I cant wait to see your inventions.what is your recipe because i realy want to know.I love your chocolate it is so juciy and when i eat it i am full with delitefull sugary and creamy tast.see you at the factory.

    from Charlie Bucket

  2. Sliver challenge
    Creamy chocolate, children mooching, greedily, pure, torture, lovely sweet smell drifting from it.
    Gold challenge
    Dear welly wonka
    The owners had a factory.

  3. Gold
    Mr Willie Wonka,
    You have the loveliest chochlate in the world and Thanku for inviting me in your factory an the shiny and dilishus chochlate and I loved the pink and shiny boat.The umpalomps where very small but they where cute.your factory was amazing if I could come here again.The small and thick grass was dilishus it tasted like a tun of chochlate.That hole was very fun and a little bit scary. Your factor makes the yummy jest chochlates.That scrumptious chochlate pond tasted so tasty i thought I could eat all of it be use it tasted so nice.

  4. Golden:Oh mr willi wonka i love the heavenly choclate factory i which i went to there.Only hope when my bithay comes i only get one choclate bar on my birthay i am not that rich my birthday is next week.Your choclate factory is so choclaty that when i come back from school there is no air there is only choclate smell.I am very poor so i don`t get much food it is nearly winter and i will be very poorly well only my hope will help your choclate will make me full as a potato!:)

  5. Gold

    Dear Mr Willi Wonker When I heard about the golden tickets I knew that I would get one and I did. When I enter the chocolate factory i liked all the chocolate I wanted to eat all the chocolate.

    Silver epic,marvellous,delicious and yummy

    Bronze Charlie is poor. I’m getting the golden ticket. Yes I’ve got the golden ticket you look weak I’ll give you chocolate milk .

  6. Gold challenge
    Dear Mr wonker
    I love your book of the chocolate factory. I think it’s the best book I the world.
    Oh and I forgot to tell you I think the umpa lumpa song is hilarious
    I’m your biggest fan!
    From kaiden

  7. gold
    dear mr wile wonker
    I relly wanted to come to your marrlivious factory! I wanted to tase your wonderful choclate.I had won the golden tiget I ate two choclate bars and then I found the golden tiget that how I went to your wondful and marrlivous factory.

  8. Gold
    Wen I weycup and I barf brash my tith .and then go to my bed room get chenj myclows then I sit in the sofa wach tv . Then my cuzun nods the dor and I opin the dor .she sit down with me watching tv and we all go shops to biy switss and chocolate.and we have apart I gams for my cuzuns birthday cackles

  9. Gold challenge:

    Dear Mr willi wonka,
    Thank you for inviting me to your fabulous chocolate factory.It was great to eat lots of chocolate.I really enjoyed it.I need to ask you a question why did I get to find the golden ticket?oh and why is you factory made out of chocolate?

  10. Ellipsis

    I like the word ellipsis because you want to think what’s happening and it makes you want to read on.

    I like the word dangerous because it sounds interesting

    I like the word weird because it sounds mysterious

  11. Dear Willy Wonka,
    I like all of your chocolates but most of all,I liked the umpa lumpa one.I like your factory because it is colourful and it is full of chocolate.I am looking forward to come to your factory and eat some of your lovely chocolates.I like the golden tickets hiding in the chocolates.
    Yours sincerely
    Charlie Bucket

  12. Gold challenge: Dear Willi Wonka,
    The reason why im writing this letter to you because I want to tell you how amazing your chocolate factory is and absouloutly brilliant it is. Also it is so useful it is like a chocolate world. It is also as wonderful as a chocolate palace.

    First of all i really liked when you can eat the grass but it is also kinda weird but it is exiting aswell. I really love all of the places in the factory it was so amazing to vist your chocolate factory it is extremely popular I am sure it is popular.

  13. Bronze challenge: Grandpa Joe tells charlie the stofy of the idian prince.Then spyes have been taking willie wonka formula and making impossible things out of the formula. Willie wonka was angry so he shut down his chocolate factory. One day he opened his factory and said ” I have hidden 5 golden tickets in 5 willi wonka chocolate bars the 5 children who find them will go to my chocolate factory and have a tour of my chocolate factory.” Harloate and agustus have found 2 of the golden tickets. Silver challenge: Rich and wealthy becuse in the story charlie and the chocolate factory it described the choclate rich and it was like it’s telling me it is so tasty.

  14. gold challenge
    dear mr willie wonker
    I like to heard about the choclate factory. I like to visit to chaclate factory because I never see your factory with full of beutiful choclate I love it .
    bronze challenge
    he made a factory with choclate.
    the choclate is chalies.

  15. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:


    Dear Mr Wonky,
    I am writing to you because I absolutely loved your amazing chocolate factory. I want to thank you a lot for giving me the chance to visit you large factory. I want to thank you letting me taste the delicious, tasty and brilliant chocolate fountain river.

    That night I saw chocolate everywhere in your amazing factory. I really wanted to eat all the chocolate, but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to be greedy. Me and my grandpa Jo, were amazed when we found the golden ticket. that night I could not sleep because I wanted to go to your factory.

    Your ummpa loompa were very cute, but they are really fun and small. They were everywhere. I liked visiting all the different rooms and watching the chocolate flow.

    I want to thank you again for allowing me and my grandpa Jo in.

    Your sincerely

    Charlie Bucket.

  16. WILLI Wonker made choclet Bronz

    Amazing/lovely/yumy/tasty/ silver

    to mr willy wonker
    If i come to the best choclet factore
    I wil eat all the choclet

    yors sincely chly

  17. Bronze: Got a chocolate factory and made some chocolate. The chocolate factory was Charlie’s.


  18. Oozing scrummy and lovely because it makes you think of melted chocolate.
    Dear wonks I like to say that I love you factory read more.
    I loved that you were letting people come into your factory.i liked the wonka bar this is nice because I bearly eat chocolate this is because I’m poor.i though the there were giant but they were might.
    Your sinsely charile

  19. Bronze
    Charlie bucket saves up his chocolate bars.all of his family tells about willy wonka and his amazing chocalte that he makes.he found out on telly that willy wonka is lettin 5children to let into his factory and get a free chocolate bar that will last you your whole life.You will have to find the missing golden chocolate bar. They also found out that a 9 year old boy who is really fat had the first chocolate bar and 3 other children there is only 1 last chocolate bar left. People are trying to go into shops and rip up the chocolate bars.

  20. gold challenge:

    chocolate factory
    willie wonka

    I am writing to you about how lovely to visit your yummy chocolate factory.Your so genorous to me and i would love eating chocolate all day.During your tour i can’t make my mouth stop watering and i just gazed at the chocolate and thinking “oh boy”.I would love to visit again soon.

    your faithfully hamda

  21. Gold:
    Dear willy wonker
    When I entered the chocolate factory I was amazed everything was made out of cholate even the grass there was lollipop made of chocolate it was the best day of my life.There was a chocolate waterfall that mixed the choalate.

    Your sinsery Charlie bucket

  22. Gold

    When I went to the chocolate factory it was full of chocolate I was so yummy I wanted to eat all.

    When I came out of the chocolate factory I write a letter to them how great the chocolate factory is.

  23. Gold

    Dear Willi Wonker,
    When I visented the factory I was amazed that there was a candy land where instead of trees there wher giant lollipops.The chocolate factory was AMAZINGLY because the wine that I drank made me float.

    Yours Sicsery Charlie Bucket.

  24. Silver-
    Creamy chocolate, children munching greedily, pure torture, lovely sweet smell drift,never runs out.
    Dear Willy Wonka,
    The owner of chocolate factory. I think your factory is the place of dreams. There’s always a sweet smell drifting from it.

    Your Oompa-Loompas are adorable they are no longer then my knee and they have funny long hair and look like little dolls.

    I can’t believe Augustus Gloop went up the pipe and Violet ate the bubblegum and became a big round ball. Veruca was bad mannered and snatched the Squirrels nut, who in return pushed her down the pipe! Mike Teavee went through the shrinking TV.

    Your factory is so big the biggest in the world. I can’t believe spy’s tried to steal your recipes. The best room was the gum room where gum never ran out. How come there are squirrels in your factory? Also why did you lock the gates? How did you make the factory?
    From Charlie Bucket :)

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