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Year 3 Reading Challenge Spring 2 2022

Please read through the following text and answer the questions in full sentences below in the comment section.

Bronze What is plastic pollution? Give 3 examples of different plastic pollution. Explain why pollution is bad.

Silver What is meant by the term ‘microplastics’? Give two reasons as to why plastic is a useful material.

Gold Describe the recent discovery of the Mariana Trench. What good things are environmental groups doing to reduce the impact of plastic pollution?

Challenge Research an environmental group who are helping to clean up the ocean and describe what you have discovered in the comments below.


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  1. Bronze:
    Plastic pollution is when plastic disposed of correctly and ends up in oceans, lakes, seas and rivers.Three examples of a plastic pollution are plastic wrappers, plastic bags and glitter.Animals. underwater like sharks will die if they eat the plastic in the water. And those animals think that the plastic is food but the plastic is plastic.
    Microplastics ate plastic pieces which are less than five millimetres across.
    Plastic helps protect and preserve food.Plastic are used in electronic equipments. For example a TV or phone.
    The marina Trench is the deepest area in the Pacific Ocean and a plastic bag was found in the trench nearly seven miles under the surface.But it was thought to be the deepest ever recorded piece of plastic pollution.
    And one environmental groups are helping to clean the ocean is Ocean conservancy.It was found in 1972 and was based in Washington DC.They are trying to protect marine habitats and reduce the human impact on wildlife and to reach their goal they are trying to educate the public about the human impact on marine wildlife but their are recommending new public changes to keep the ocean clean as possible.
    In 2016they found and collected the stop ten items in the whole ocean.
    1.Cigarette butts:1,863,838.
    2.Plastic beverage bottles:1,578,834.
    3.Plastic bottle caps:822,227.
    4. Food wrappers: 762,353.
    5.Plastic grocery bags:520,900.
    6.Plastic lids:419,987.
    7. Straws and stirrers:409,987.
    8. Glass beverage bottles:390,468
    9.Other plastic bags:368,655.
    10.Foam take away containers:365,584.

  2. Bronze
    Plastic pollution is when you are throwing plastic into seas or lakes.
    One example of plastic pollution is when deep see areas are being affected, another example is when if it is discovered on beaches the last example of plastic pollution is when plastic is recognized by food from animals.
    Pollution is bad because it creates global warming, also it might choke the animals that might be in the area.

  3. It is bad because it will hurt the other more animals in the 🌊.
    But mostly you not put it on your head it will slowly kill you.
    Plastic is a useful material for covering food 🍱.
    Mrs I don’t understand the rest.

  4. Animals can die in the ocean because if you threw a plastic bag,then the animals would die that would happen to the ocean.
    Microplastic are have been discovered on beaches, within sea ice and floating on the surface waters.

  5. Bronze
    If they get stuck they might die.
    It might harm the ocean
    And it could also get stuck to animals for a long time.

    It could harm an animal in the ocean and could lead to diebeties

  6. Plastic pollution affects animals in the ocean ,people,natural habitats and the world.
    There are millions of plastic objects like bottles,carry a bags that end up in the ocean every year and they end up on the sea bed and damage fish and other animals that live in the water.

    Micro plastics are small pieces of plastic that end up in the ocean and the fish can eat which is bad for them.

    Plastic in a strong material and can be used to make lots of different things.

  7. Keyan 3R

    Plastic pollution is when plastic waste is thrown and it ends up in the sea and on the floor. The plastic is not disposed of correctly.

    Plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic wrappers are examples.

    Plastic pollution is bad because it can get into the sea and the sea animals think it’s food.

    Micro plastic is small pieces of plastic that can be found.

    Why is plastic is good, because is a strong material.


    In the marina trench a plastic bag was found.

  8. Bronze:
    Plastic pollution is when plastic appears in the most remote parts of the world.
    An example of plastic pollution is food wrappers , plastic bags and bottles.
    Plastic in the oceans can be mistaken for food by different sea creatures.
    Microplastics have been discovered on beaches, within sea ice and floating on the surface waters.
    Plastic is useful material because it can be recycled and it is a very strong material.
    The Mariana Trench , near Japan is the deepest area of the Pacific Ocean,
    recently a plastic bag was found here nearly 7 miles below the surface.It is thought to be the deepest ever recorded piece of plastic pollution.
    Environment groups around the uk are organising the beach clean ups and
    campaigning for changes in how and why plastics are used.

  9. Bronze
    Plastic Pollution is when plastic gets blown into the rivers and streams, which carry it to sea . Plastic bags , plastic bottles and food wrappers. It is bad because plastic in the ocean is eaten by the animals and it makes them sick.
    Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic. They are less than 5mm in size which can be harmful to our ocean and marine life.
    Plastic is useful material because plastic is very strong and durable.
    Plastic is easy to mould into different shapes.
    Mariana Trench is a deep oceanic trench located in the Pacific Ocean.
    Mariana Trench is the deepest oceanic trench in the world.
    The Mariana Trench was discovered in 1875 by the H.M.S challenger during the challenger expedition.
    The deepest part of the trench is around 36,037 feet.