We were very lucky to have a visit from a volunteer called Ian Potter from the Salvation Army. He told us a lot about the Salvation Army and how the charity help people in need.

Answer the questions below:

How long ago was the Salvation Army found? 

Who created the Salvation Army? 

How many countries do the Salvation Army work in? 

How do they help people in other Countries? 

Can you tell me the 4 ways in which the Salvation Army help people in the U.K?

40 responses to “Year 3- Salvation Army visitor”

  1. Lakeysha M.

    I enjoyed listening about the salvation army
    1. The salvation army was found in 1865.
    2. William buth created the salvation army.
    3. They have worked in 128 countries .
    4. They give clothes and food so people can live.
    5. They help poor people,churches, schools and teach kids to read there bibles.

  2. Hanif I.

    I thought it was fun

    Ha if and aiva

  3. Mandy-Joyce M.

    The salvation army was found on 1865.
    The person who created the salvation army was William Buth.
    They help 128 countries all around the world.
    They give them food and shelter.
    They help people by giving them food,shelter,homes and money.
    from rayfo

  4. Marvin N.

    The Salvation Army was found in 1865.
    It created by this man called William Buth.

  5. Sarah T.

    1. It was built in 1865
    2.William Buth
    3.128 countries
    4.They give food,water,shelter
    5.Africa,Europe,South Asia ,America and South Pacific


  6. Zoya N.

    The Salvation Army was found in 1865.
    It was created by this man called William but.
    The Salvation Army is in 128 countries.
    They help by giving clothes water shelter and some other helpful things
    The Salvation Army helps people who are homeless on Christmas.
    They can have facilities such as having a shower lunch or some food so where to stay and making new freinds

  7. Mohammed K.

    1. In the year 1865.
    2. It was William Booth.
    3. They work in 128 Countries.
    4. They give drink’s and hot food.
    5. They give them a home, a drink, some food and clothes
    From Keisha and Aamir.

  8. Yusra M.

    1) 1865
    2) William Booth
    4) Clothes, food shelter.

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