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Year 3 Science Club Week 1

Science club is off to a great start for Year 3! This week we became botanists and were investigating just how much water a plant needs. We planted our own seed and made careful measurements of water.

 Now we need to water them with the same amount each day and make careful observations of their growth. We will measure the height each week during Science Club!


Use this blog post to keep Miss Smith updated with what you can see! Remind me how much water you chose to give your seed each day? When do you predict that it will germinate? Which part will grow first?

4 thoughts on “Year 3 Science Club Week 1

  1. I put 30 litres in my seeds to grow each day. I predict that if the seeds are in a good area and temperature it will grow in 1 month. I think the sprout grows first then
    the adult plant and a flower at the end.

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