Year 3 Science Club Week 2 & 3

What a fantastic time we have been having in Science club! All children have behaved beautifully, worked hard and gained!!

Our task for Week 2 was to find out which rock would be best for a new path at Broad Heath School. We became geologists! We had to rub lots of different rocks against sandpaper and find out which was the strongest.

What did you find out doing the rub test? Which rock would you recommend to Mrs Frankish and why? Were there any that would certainly not be suitable? Why?

Our task for Week 3 was to investigate which was the strongest magnet at Broad Heath school. We did lots of exploring first and learnt some new words. What are the 2 ends of a magnet called? Which word means the magnets ‘stick together’? Which word means the magnets ‘push away from eachother’?

How did we find out which magnet was strongest? How else could we have tested? Which way didn’t work for us?

4 thoughts on “Year 3 Science Club Week 2 & 3

  1. Some rocks were weak, some rocks were strong, when rubbing on the sandpaper.

    Granny rock is the strongest rock to use and its reliable for Mrs. Frankish to use it will not break.

    We did a test by using the paperclips to see which one connects first.

    We would have tested it using gold paper clips and a ruler to see if it can connect.

    Some small magnet and medium magnet, also tiny magnets have to be one cm well the big one had to be 4cms.

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