Year 3 Science Spring 1 Week 2

To know some of the main bones in the human skeleton.

Let’s learn what bones are used for?

This is a great link for your to explore more about the human skeleton.

Here’s a game where you get to build a skeleton.


List the uses of bones (use the video to help you)


Use the two links to work out where these bones are in your body.

For example:

The skull is in your head.



Create a poster all about the skeleton.
Your poster must include: The names of at least 6 bones.
The importance of the skeleton.
The use of at least 2 bones.


122 thoughts on “Year 3 Science Spring 1 Week 2

  1. Uses of bones.
    Bones protect our organs.
    Support our muscles.
    Help us in movement.

    Pelvis is under our ribacge.
    Spine is backbone.
    Ulna is our forearm.
    Radius isnour forearm.
    Fibula is below the knee.
    Femur is thigh.
    Tibia is lower leg.

  2. Ribs protect your soft organs.
    Femur is the biggest and strongest bone it is in the leg.
    Stapes is the smallest bone in your body, it is in your ear. When sounds enters your ears it vibrates and helps you pick up sounds. Without it you wouldn’t be able to hear.

  3. Bronze:
    The bones are made with strong muscles that help hold up your body. Your rib bones helped to protect your heart and lungs. The hip bones help make your body stand up, these bones are called the femur. The femure holds your whole body together for walking, running and exercise.

    Your ears have a very small bone called stapes and when sound goes into your ear your small bone moves backward and forward.
    A baby has 300 bones and a adult have 206 bones.The skull has 21 bones because your brain needs lots of room. The cells in your brain have a very special job making your blood.

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