Year 3- Seed dispersal

Year 3 have been learning about how seeds are dispersed. What does dispersed mean? Why is it important that seeds are dispersed?

List 3 different methods of seed dispersal and explain why the seed is dispersed in that way.

Some children in Y3 made a video to demonstrate different forms of seed dispersal. See the video below, can you identify the different methods?

8 thoughts on “Year 3- Seed dispersal

  1. Dispersal means you have been separated from something or a family. It is important that seeds should be dispersed or else they wont survive.

  2. Seed dispersal means spred out.Seeds are dispersed out becausethey will die and never make any new plants.



    Reece was good

  3. 1. Dispersed means spread out.
    2. It is important that seeds are dispersed because if they are not dispersed they will die.
    3. Wind dispersal because when the wind doesn’t come there will not be any fruit.
    Exploding dispersal because if there wasn’t a exploding dispersal there won’t be lovely plants.

  4. 1.Dispersed means it’s spreading out.

    2.they complete in a compition.

    3.spinning dispersal

    Spins down like helicopter

    Explosive dispersal

    Exploding plants dispersal explosive

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