Year 3 Shape Poem Performance!

Year 3 have been really busy this week planning, writing, practising and performing their very own shape poem! The children were given the topic of Spring, and came up with their own ideas about what this meant to them. Your poems were thoughtful and well planned, and your performances took into consideration good performance techniques. Well done!


Your challenge Year 3 is to watch the video, then answer the following questions!


1. Which performance was your favourite? Why?

2. Can you name any good performance techniques used here?

3. How would you improve your performance next time?

19 thoughts on “Year 3 Shape Poem Performance!

  1. I liked nithushas group because they were speaking clearly and they weren’t looking at the paper.But when Nithusha said her bit she didn’t do it in tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My favorite poem from miss Jones’ group is Lyba’s poem.

    The other one from miss king’s group is yellow table’s because it so cute like a little chick has been born in spring.

  3. 1)My favourite performance was the yellow groups because they spoke loudly and clearly.
    2) The techniques they used were volume action and loud volume.
    3) have more people and music.

  4. My favourite was the caterpillar performance because they had a lot of skill.
    The techniques were their volume, observation looking at the audience and actions.
    I will improve mine by speaking more louder.

  5. Shape Poem Performances:

    1) My Favourite performances was the Yellow group because they had spoken clearly, loudly and didn’t not look at the script that much.
    2) The techniques used were volume, movement, eye contact, looking at the audiences.
    3) Have more people involved. not use script but memorise the script, have music.

  6. Wow, what a super week full of fun learning about shape poems. You’ve worked really hard and you should all be proud of yourselves for your super team work and creativity. These performances are amazing, well done! :)

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