Year 3 Sports Champions

On Thursday 17th March, teams from 3 Blue, 3 White and 3 Red took part in this term’s Sports Champion’s dodgeball competition. All students were very proud to represent their class, and they were keen to show what they could do. The group stages saw each team play the others. 3 White finished top with 3 wins, so went onto contest the final. This left 3 Red (2nd) and 3 Blue (3rd) to play in the semi-final to see which team would get a shot at the trophy.

The semi final was indeed a tense affair, with 3 Red booking their place in the final where 3 White were the winners.

Well done to all students who took part, as they respect, teamwork and sportsmanship was evident throughout. A special well done to 3 White , who showed great tenacity and resilience not to give up from loosing positions, but persevere and come out on top.

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