Year 3 Sports Club Summer 2

The following students have been selected to take part in this half term’s after school sports club for year 4. This will be taking place on Thursday the 17th, 24th June, 1st, 8th and 15th July (Week 1-5) , pick up time is 4:00pm. We would like all the following students to click on the following link and reply even if they do not wish to attend. He are the list of students;

Red; Estera, Noah, Yedullah, Lucas, Hanfa, Zeyd, Owais.

White; Noor, Najma, Raiyan, Kamil, Muhammed I, Seher, Miski.

Blue; Hasbia, Eman, Ahmed, Jammal, Umamma, Kirtan, Elham.

Please follow the link to complete the form BEFORE MONDAY.

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