Year 3 – Stone Age Homes

Today in year 3, we looked at how Stone Age people made houses using wood and animal hides. We worked in teams to make our Stone Age homes using wooden sticks and fabric. 

Why did Stone Age people build their homes like this?

How could you improve your Stone Age home?

7 thoughts on “Year 3 – Stone Age Homes

  1. Stone Age people lived way-way back in the olden days and they had to build stone houses because they didn’t have any bricks or cement.
    They couldn’t write because they couldn’t go to school.
    They also couldn’t write because they had no ink or paper.
    By Sabah

  2. Stone Age people lived a very long time ago, they didn’t have access or the technology to build luxury apartments or houses, they made do with wood, stones and anything they could get their hands on like animal skins.
    We could improve our Stone Age home by making it more secure, I.e (waterproof, stronger and wind resistant.

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