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  1. Which palace do you think they are at and why?
    They are at Buckingham Palace.

    Do you think it was the Queen at the window?
    Yes, i think it was the queen.

    Who do you think allowed Paddington in for a photo?
    The police or the members of the Royal family.

  2. 1) I think they were at the queens palace because they were at the royal garden.
    2) I think it was the queen a the window.
    3) The guard’s let him in for a photo.

  3. 1.)They are at the queens palace because of they are at the queens palace they would have guards
    2.) I think that the queen was at the window because the queens might be inside her palace
    3.) The police alowed Paddington to have a picture.

  4. 1. The Queens Palace because it looks good enough to be a Queens one
    2. I think it was not the Queen at the window
    3. I think the police will ask the Queen can he take a photo

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