53 thoughts on “Year 3 story time – George’s Marvellous Medicine Part 7 Wednesday 13th May

  1. Yes I think George has missed many things because the medicine didn’t turn up same as it was before .
    The first thing which they use was golden gloss hair shampoo.

  2. I am enjoying this story. I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow.
    George missed brown gloss paint, flea powder and brown shoe polish.
    He put golden gloss hair shampoo and toothpaste first. Then he carried on adding shaving soap, face cream, nail varnish, hair removal, dandruff cure, brillident, deodorant spray, liquid paraffin, Helga’s hair set, flowers of turnip’s perfume, pink powder, lipsticks and superwhite.

  3. I think George has missed out loads of the stuff because he has made it different as the last version.
    George first put in the Golden Gloss hair shampoo.

  4. 1 bottle of golden gloss hair shampoo.

    George has missed out-hair removal cream,dishworths dandruff cure, brilliant for cleaning false teeth, never more longing deodorant spray,liquid paraffin,pink plaster,lipsticks,floor polish,flea powder for dogs, canary seeds,gin,a tin of curry powder,mixture powder,bottle of extra not chilli sauce,gin of black pepper corn,a bottle of horseradish sauce,antifreeze,engine oil,grease.

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