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  1. The bear was feeling sad at first because he couldn’t find his hat he kept on asking other animals for his hat after that he felt exited because he saw who had his red,pointyhatv.The rabbit felt worried for being told off by the bear in front of other animals.

  2. The bear feeling feels sad when he didn’t see his hat but then he notice the rabbit stole is hat so when he found it the bear was happy
    The rabbit had saw his hat so he took it but then the bear found it s the rabbit could now be sorry

  3. He was changing emotions throughout different periods of the story, first he was stressed, and seemed tired from asking questions all day, he also felt really sad, losing visual hope in finding his hat, but another animal comes and asks him what’s happened, as bear explains, the deer asks a question in order to see if bear can describe the hat, just as bear realised he has seen his hat somewhere while searching and asking different animals questions. He goes back to his re-vishioned place he’d been at to see if his hat is there. So, then he gets it back.
    And what I can infer and considerably explain about what happened to the rabbit is, he probably got squished whereas maybe bear sat on him? Or he got eaten, because when squirrel asked bear a question, why would bear specifically say ‘I haven’t eaten any rabbits’ that gets more suspicion since nobody asked whether he ate it or not. But, since bear seems really nice, I don’t think rabbit has been eaten, that’s gruesome.

  4. Infer how the bear’s feelings change in the story.
    So first he was sad 😔 so then he got angry 😡 then he got happy 😃.
    Infer what happened to the rabbit.
    He got told off
    Thank you 😊

  5. Infer how the bear’s feelings change in the story.
    The Bear was feeling sad at the first because he couldn’t find his hat.
    The Bear was feeling hopeful when he met the Snake because he think that he found his hat.
    The bear was feeling upset when he met the Rabbit because the Rabbit stole his hat.
    In the end, the Bear was feeling happy because he got the hat from the Rabbit.
    Infer what happened to the rabbit.
    The Rabbit was feeling sad because the Bear took his new hat away from him.

  6. The bear was furios that the rabbit stole the hat and because rabbit lied instead he ate the rabbit and i know this because he said unexpectedley that i wouldn’t eat a rabbit

  7. He was angry and sad because his hat got stolen from the rabbit 🐰
    He snatched the hat of rabbit 🐰 then the bear 🐻 lied in happiness

  8. At the start of the story the bear felt upset because he lost his hat and he asked Verona if they seemed his hat and they all disagree they didint see his hat . At the end he was very happy that he found his hat. The rabbit got eaten because he didn’t be honest and to the bear.

  9. 1. I think that the bear felt sad because now one could find his hat
    2.The rabbit felt sad because the bear took the hat of her
    Thank you I really enjoyed that story

  10. 1.The bear was cross he did not find his hat he looked and he did not find nothing
    2.The bear was cross he seen the hat the bear took the hat of the rabbit.Then the bear was happy.He had his pointy red hat the chicken said have you seen a rabbit with a hat?No said the bear.