That brings us to the end of Gullivers Travels!

What was your favorite part?

8 responses to “Year 3 Storytime”

  1. Rubab G.

    my favorite part the story was when he saves the people from being killed.

    1. Miss Redhead

      Make sure you do the learning blogs first Rubab we discussed this on the phone.

  2. Tuleah H.

    My favourite part was when the king set to sail.

    I liked the story

  3. Lusardo M.

    I watched the story and my favourite part was When Gulliver laid down kiss to king.

  4. Kenan E.

    I enjoyed all the chapters especially chapter 6, I like how the story ends, it was lovely how the King helped Gulliver and Gulliver found his way home with great adventure.

  5. Mohammed W.

    what was your favourite part?
    My favourite part about the story is when the people of blufescu gave him money because that was their first time being nice to one of the people.

  6. Yusuf B.

    my favourite part of the book was when he helps the people of lillput and saves them from getting killled

    1. Mrs Khaliq

      Why was this your favourite part?

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