Year 3 Storytime – Georges Marvellous Medicine 11th May 2020

Well, let’s have a quick recap to what happened in our story so far.

  • George’s parents have gone out
  • He has stayed with his grandma
  • He thinks she maybe a witch
  • He makes a new medicine out of loads of different horrid things, like toothpaste, hair cream, makeup, paint (yes paint) plus much more.
  • George gave Grandma this new Marvelous Medicine
  • She jumped up and floated for a while
  • Then her stomach caught fire
  • Now she is growing… she has gone through the ceiling. But will she go through the roof?

Watch today’s chapter to find out what happens next.

What has been your favorite part so far? Make sure you use full sentences and a conjunction.

Enjoy x

60 thoughts on “Year 3 Storytime – Georges Marvellous Medicine 11th May 2020

  1. May favourite part is when George gives Grandma the Medicine and the chicken medicine. It was very funny. I like the part when he gets shouted at by Grandma.

  2. My favourite part is when grandma could not stop getting taller and went through the roof because of the medicine George gave her and then he gave medicine to a hen as well. It was funny to read what was going on. I wonder what happens next!

    • What did you like about the story . Write 3 sentences using these conjunctions but, and, yet, or, because, nor, although, since, unless, while, where .

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