Hello year 3, here are your Summer 2 spellings for this term. Please remember to practice your spellings during the week. You will start your weekly spelling test next Friday (18/06/21) . Remember practice makes perfect.

Here are the spellings for Must, Could and Should groups.

Can you please also practice your long spellings . These spellings will be assessed at the last teaching week of the half term.

Below is a fun game to help you practice words to spell.

Click here to play a spelling game.

6 responses to “Year 3 Summer 2 Spellings.”

  1. Yusuf B.

    i will practice at home

  2. Lusardo M.

    I played the game and got 100% / 12 out of 12

  3. Mohammed S.

    Thank you I will practice my spellings

  4. Tipian I.

    it was fun

  5. Tana I.

    Ok thanks thank you

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