26 thoughts on “Year 3- Surfin’ USA video

  1. I have learnt all about the past in the 1960`s.
    my favourite part was we will all be planning that route, we are gonna take real soon.

  2. Year 3…well what can I say? We managed to bring summer to our music week, with our bright clothes to match our bright personalities. Who needs to go to a real beach to make an amazing ‘Surfin’ USA’ video? Well definitely not us, we’ve made something incredible. You’ve worked hard this week, and now we have this brilliant music video to watch to relive all the fun. Miss Jones and Mr Newman, you are so creative. Have a great half term =).

  3. Well done Year 3 on creating a fantastic music video. I am so proud to be apart of the Broad Heath team. You have all worked very hard and the result is this…a happy memory

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