Year 3 times tables!

In year 3 we have been learning about our 4 and 8 times tables. Who knows how to get from the 4 to the 8 times table? Watch our video and see if you can find out!



Times table challenge: See how many times tables you can do in 1 minute!



Mr Wilson and the other Year 3 teachers are having a party. They want to have at least 2 drinks each and 4 pieces of cake each. If there are 6 teachers, how many drinks do they need to prepare and how many pieces of cake do they need?


How many pieces of cake would they need if Mr Patel came too?

12 responses to “Year 3 times tables!”

  1. Rehan Hussain


  2. Samantha Ndoj

    I am going to do my 2 times table

  3. Zavian Kiani

    I have done 9 this is 4x table 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,34,38,41,46,50

    1. Mrs A Patel

      Hi Zavian,please try counting in 4’s again and see if you can spot a mistake.

  4. Mrs A Patel

    Well done everyone, now start practicing 8 times table.

  5. Velin Raykov

    For 1 minute I wrote to 4×6, but I could tell to 12×4 in 1 minute.
    If the 3 class teachers were 6 they will need 12 drinks and 24 cakes. If Mr. Patel comes the teachers will need 28 cakes.

  6. Mr Wilson

    Great work 3 Red, why not have another go and see if you can get even more correct in 1 minute next time!

  7. Ebraheem Jammeh

    I have done 4x table.

  8. Mujammil Ahmed

    Challeng 1
    I have done ten of my times table

  9. Shahzaib Ahmed

    I got up to 11×4

  10. Lakeysha Mawela

    I got 12
    You will have 4 more drinks and 2 more cakes
    You will. Have 7

  11. Maja Zielinska

    I have done 10

    At least 8 or less

    They need 12

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