Year 3 To research facts about unusual plants

Year 3 your topic for Science is How does your garden grow?

We have been looking at plants, their features and their functions. Today we will be looking at plants you may have not seen before, this is your chance to find out some very interesting facts about unusual plants! Your challenge is to use books to research about the most unusual plants, you will then make a video to share three interesting facts about each plant you have researched. I look forward to reading about your fascinating facts!


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  1. 1. Wite Forsythiay .are a deciduous srub a with dark green leaves turning purple winter
    2, chocolate vine. It has attractive green leaves
    3, actinidia arguta , it has dark leaves
    4 , Korean beaty , it hasabell shaped cremy yellow flowers.
    5 .clethra delavay, it has a up right shrub with a ovel

  2. Bamboo can be a fast growing plant, some types can grow almost a metre (3.28 feet) in just one day!

    14 deadly but beautiful flowers
    Mountain Laurel
    Certedao odollom
    Calla lily
    Dead cherries

    From David and Daniels

  3. 1.Ferns have been around for millions of years.
    2.Mushrooms are not plants but a fungus.
    3. Most plants live in soil other can live in whater and air.
    4.plants get energy from the sun.

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