Year 3 Topic Thursday 17th June 2021

Hi Year 3,

our topic this half term is a geography unit and we are looking at the UK.

What is a map and what is it used for?

Watch this clip.–ks2-maps/zdwhpg8

Maps are always drawn from a birds eye view. That means that it is drawn as if you were in the sky looking down at it.

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The 2 photos below are both images of our school and its local area.

This is a traditional style map.
This is known as a satellite view.

Can you find Broad Heath school?

What else can you find on the maps?


Using the map and key, what information can you find about the area the map is showing?


Using the map below, answer the questions.

1. Name two streets that have a lot of houses.

2. What does the paper bag symbol mean?

3. This community has one bank. Find the bank on the map. What street is it on?

4. Find the post office. Where is it located?

5. Find the police station. Between what types of buildings is it located?

6. In what direction would you travel to get from the post office to the farm?


Draw a map of your journey from home to school. What do you pass on the way? Post box? Bank? Park? Use the internet and google street view to help you. Don’t forget to include a key!

Please send all work to the link below:

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  1. Bronze
    On my journey to school I can see a post office,bank,food store and a police station.
    1)Main street and gold street.
    2)The Paper bag is a food store.
    3)The bank is on winter street.
    4)The post office is located in winter street.
    5)The police station is between food and the store.
    6)I would travel south to get to the farm from the post office.

  2. Bronze:
    Using the map and key I can find where the streets are and the names of the streets, I can also find easy ways to get to a certain place:
    Red road and Gold street have the most houses.
    The paper bag symbol represents a store.
    The bank is on Winter street.
    The post office is located on the corner of Winter street.
    The Police station is located on Leaf street between the store and food.
    You would travel south from the Police station to get to the farm.

  3. I can see our school , jobs , parks, main roads ,shops.
    1. Main Street and Gold street.
    2. Stores
    3. Winter Street
    4. Winter Street
    5. It is between stores and resturants.
    6. Go straight through school Road then walk through Great Circle to Farm Lane .

  4. a map is where you can find things on paper. you can find broad heath on st paul rd and hanfor close

    you can find lot of houses on gold street
    the bank is on leaf street
    there are lots of shops on main street

  5. There are a lot of house north
    On the west there is a park shops food places a bank a police station a post office and a library on the east there is a farm south there are some shops and a food shop

  6. Bronze
    The number of houses are more in north side.
    There is a round about in moddle of the map.
    There is a farm on farm road.
    There are 6 stores.
    There are 3 restaurants.
    There is a park on Leaf street.
    Gold street and main street has lots of houses.
    Paper bag symbol means shopping stores.
    The bank is on leaf street.
    Post office is on winter street.
    Police station is located between store and restaurant.
    Down on winter street and then turn left on to leaf street and then go straight down and take right to farm lane.

  7. Bronze.
    1) There are lot of houses on the north which is gold street.
    2)There is one school on the west,There are 6 supermarkets which is southwest and three dining places on the west.
    3)On the south east it is very quiet because there is no houses and just one farm lane.
    4)The bank is on winter street
    5)The post office is located on winter st.
    6)The police is on Leaf street.
    1.The bag symbol is the supermarket.
    2. Gold street and Main Street have the most houses.
    3.The bank is on leaf street.
    4.The post office is on winter st.
    5.The police Station is on leaf street which is between winter street.
    6.Go down on winter street and then turn left on to leaf street and then go straight down to farm lane.

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