Year 3 trip to Conkers!

Hi Year 3,

One week to go ! Our Conkers trip is on Friday 12th June 2015. You need to arrive at school normal time– do not be late! Your parents need to collect you at 3.15pm as normal also.

If you have free school meals, a lunch will be provided for you on the day of the trip. If you do not have free school meals, please could you bring a packed lunch to school with you, ideally bring it in a plastic bag so this can be disposed of after lunch.

We will be doing a lot of walking and the activities we will be doing on the day require sensible clothing. For the trip, you need to wear comfy clothes like a tracksuit/jogging bottoms and trainers.Also wear your Broad Heath jumper with your comfy clothes.  We will be doing a barefoot walk- this will require you to take of your shoes and socks- girls please don’t wear tights on this day!

You have worked hard this year and we will have a brilliant time at Conkers to celebrate! Well done Year 3!

12 thoughts on “Year 3 trip to Conkers!

  1. I have researched all about conkers And it has a huge tower which you could stand on.IT IS HIGH.I hope the bare footed walk is the most gross thing that I have ever seen.I liked the train and the enormous fun park the best thing I like is the slide because it is fun and you enjoy.

    I look forward

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