Year 3 TTRS challenge – 3B v 3W v 3R

Hi year 3,

This we have set you a challenge! A competition has been set between all the Year 3 classes to see which one is the TTRS champion!

The more you play and get the answers correct the more points you will earn for your class. The class with the most points next Friday morning will get the virtual trophy.

Get practising!!

Scores on Wednesday 13th January are:

This is the final score update I am going to give before we announce the winner on Friday. It is a close competition between 3B and 3W. Keep playing everyone! 3R you are still in with a chance if you work as a team. Good luck everyone!

100 thoughts on “Year 3 TTRS challenge – 3B v 3W v 3R

  1. The TTRS is not working. I have gone on tournaments and it has shown me the battle against the year 3 group but I am pressing on it and it’s just telling me how long there is until the battle finishes. I have been trying to play for my team but it’s failing to do so and other people can access it so I don’t know what to do. Please can you fix this because there is only 1 day left on the tournament and I want to play for my team.

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