Year 3- Using inverted commas correctly.

Hi Year 3,
You have been learning how to use inverted commas this week to state what a character is saying.

Rules of speech
1- Only place inverted commas around what is being SAID.
2- Begin speech with a capital letter.
3- At the end of the speech use a punctuation mark before closing the inverted commas.
4- Always state WHO is speaking- this should NOT be inside the inverted commas.

Retell the story of the Three billy goats gruff ensuring you use a balance of narrative and dialogue. I will be looking for inverted commas being used correctly.

18 thoughts on “Year 3- Using inverted commas correctly.

  1. one day there lived three billy goats gruff they ate all the grass on the island and they spotted more grass on another island so the little billy goat crossed the bridge and a big troll came out from under the bridge. to be continued….

  2. This is the tale of the three billy goat gruff one grey one brown and one white.they lived in a field and loved to eat grass.a while later they had run out of grass so the middle sized-goat said “oh look I could see a meadow and that might be our best grass of our life “replied the middle sized goat.
    So the the two billy goats began to pack up all the things that they needed while the small cute billy goat started to run on the ricaty red bridge and questioned “here’s goes”but suddenly the beast pounced up on the bridge and answered “who’s that trip trapping over my beatiful bridge I fantasy goat pie for my supper.”
    “Oh please Mr troll don’t eat me my brother is bigger you can cook him he taste much better than me”

  3. This is the tale of the three hairy billy goats gruff. Sudently,they ran out of grass.”I think it’s time to cross the bridge.”Asked the tiny adorable billy goat.
    “It’s our only choice,we stay here and starve or go to the other side and eat green crunchy grass. Which one?”Answered the big strong billy goat, as he looked through the binoculars.So the tiny billy goat ran across the wooden bridge and was as silent as a mouse.But then a big ugly creature jumped up on the rickety,red bridge and roared”Who’s that trip-trapping on my bridge!”
    “I’m I’m I’m I’m not trip-trapping on your bridge.I just want want want to eat that green crunchy grass on the other side of this bridge.”Stamered the adorable tiny billy goat.

  4. One day, there where 3 billy goats gruff.One grey, one brown and one white.Their most favourite thing to eat was grass.Because they ate grass all day, there wasn’t any of that left.”let’s move on!” Planned the 3 animals.
    While the two older brothers packed up the tent, the little billy goat shouted”cheerio!”

    A minute later, the goat started to tremble across the bridge but he cauldn’t go more than halfway because a horrible voice shouted”who’s that trip trip tropping over my bridge!!!!!!!?”
    “Ahh please Mr troll, it’s only me!!!”

  5. A while later the little cute, adorable tiny Billy Goat trip trapped on the old dusty bridge but the troll had very good clever ears the disgusting revolting creature grumbled “Who that trip tripping on my shiny bridge?” “But your bridge is not shiny it is really smelly instead!” Answered the furry little Billy Goat, while rubbing his rumbling tummy. The troll stared creepily at the Little furry animal. ” Well at least I will have Delicious Goat curry out of my breakfast yum yum!” excitedly answered the troll while licking his lips over and over again until the little Billy goat answered.” Oh please don’t eat me my brother is bigger and I’m convinced that he would taste so yummy than me!” Cried the soft, comftable, whilst shaking his shoulders. “All right then but don’t come around here anymore!” Replied the horrible, smelly troll.

  6. When the little goat was half way there , a menacing troll roared “not so fast” the cute little animal dared to speak and stutted “don’t eat me my brothers coming and will make you a massive meal”
    The dirty , idiotic troll thought and replied “ok just don’t come around here again” the little goat sighed with relife.Then he called “that dirty nasty troll is so mean.”

    By kayden and usman.

  7. When the cute,little billy goat crossed the bridge,a horrible ugly creature came up.”Who’s that trip-trapping over my rickety,red bridge?” yelled the smelly,wild beast.
    “I’m not trip-trapping”, replied the youngest ,cute billy goat. ” But I’m going to eat you any way”, replied the ugly beast. ” Oh please more brother is bigger and he is coming this way”, cried the cute,little billy goat that was the youngest one.

  8. As the cute furry animal approached the half way mark a horrible beast popped out and Yelled ” Who’s that on my red bridge!” “It’s only me please don’t eat me “muttered the trembling goat.

  9. One ordernary day there was a little goat trip trapping on the red rickety bridge.But just as he got to the half way line a voice shouted,”WHOSE THAT TRIP TRAPPING ON MY BRIDGE!!!!”He pounced on the little billy goat,as he tried to escape.

    “Oh mr troll please let me cross my big brothers are coming soon.”begged the sweet and innocent creature, as he tried not to cry.The horrible troll thought about it and replied “ok I will let you cross just don’t come round here any more.
    ” I promise.”so the cute little animal went to the other side of the bridge and shouted “Hurray!”
    From Hamda and kaiden

  10. When the tiny,cute billy goat trotted onto the crekky,red bridge.On the red bridge pounced a weird looking creature!It looks like a monster or maybe a TROLL!”Oh boy aren’t I hungry today! Yelled the troll.”Oh please Mr Troll don’t eat me ,my brother is bigger.He’d taste much more cruncher than me. I’m sure so mare with me and let me go!!!”cried the little billy goat.”Ok then I will let you go but don’t come around here anymore.”replied the troll.

  11. One day there lived three goats one small as a mouse one meadium and one brave big one.They all lived together in a lush green garden the smell was lovely the flowers were red as larva the goats loved it.

    As they loved the grass they ate grass for lunch,grass for tea until the last thing at night.One sunny and hot because they ate too much there grass had all gone”what are we going to do know”cryed the small goat.”we just have to find another lush garden”anouced the big goat.

    So they went over the hills down the empty gardens they had left with no grass until they found a lush beautiful garden full of grass their mouths watered with delight”well what are we waiting for lets go!”shouted the big goat.”Ok let me go first”said the little goat.They all agreed…so the little goat went he had he had to cross a bridge a brown ugly bridge with cracks he went half way near the bridge until a troll apered.

  12. One day there were 3 billy goats gruf that were called small billy goat middle billy goat and big billy they eat grass for there lunch,tea and for there dinner.
    One day the small billy goat said “there is no grass left”.
    The middle goat said happily “look there is a lash green madomado”
    “Let’s go there said the little goat wispeared.

    So the little goat was crossing the bridge and suddenly the troll jumped out.
    And lauged “your not getting past this bridge”

  13. One day there lived three billy goats one small one medium sized and one big.
    The small billy goat relized and said “we eat all of the grass and what are we going to do”
    Then the biggest goat yelled”look over there there is a bridge”
    “Let’s take a look at it”cried the brown goat
    “Ok”said both of the billy goats
    Over they went to the bridge.While the biggest goat and the medium sized goat set up the tent.The youngest one called “cheerio”and went across the bridge until a troll popped up “not so fast”he said.

  14. One day there lived 3 goats one white brown and grey.they all lived together in a lush green meddo.They eat grass for lunch dinner and supper.soon there was no more grass in the field.”let’s move on “said the youngest goat. There’s lots of grass in the Luther field. But we all know there’s a troll under the bridge.replied the oldest we all know that.

  15. one day there was 3 billy goats gruff one grey,one brown and one Wight they lived
    In a field and they loved to eat grass they had grass for there tea and grass for there lunch from day rack for last thing at night. One day they ran out of grass ” what are we going to do” said the little goat saddly “wait a Min I can see a fine meadow” said the Middle goat happly but each of them new that under the bridge was a deadly troll but the little goat was brave “let’s go” said the little one bravely so the little one went over the bridge suddently the troll appeared “not so fast” said the deadly toll angrily ” oh please don’t eat me my broather will be much bigger hee’l be coming soon” rumbed the small goat

  16. Suddenly, when the billy goat got half way across the rickety red bridge a vile beast pounced on the adorable billy goat.The little animal cried “Oh please let me cross I need a lot of grass to keep me alive.”The beast shouted”WHO’S THAT TRIP TRAPPING OVER MY BRIDGE!!!!!!!”Ne yelled with anger.The billy goat whispered”Oh it’s only me and I really need to get across the bridge!”The creature said anxiously”are you sure?The goat cried”yes.”
    Inaaya and safa Khan

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