Year 3- Using time connectives

Watch the story Gorilla by Anthony Browne.

Retell the story in your own words. Make sure you use a range of time connectives. Below are some examples of time connectives you could use.

Level 2

then, next, after that, afterwards, before, suddenly, lastly, in the end, soon, later, first, when.

Level 3

finally, whilst, eventually, after a while, earlier, when, meanwhile, during.

14 thoughts on “Year 3- Using time connectives

  1. One sunny day there was a girl called Hannah and she wanted a gorilla she asked her dad but he said no. The next day
    Hannah went to the zoo with the gorilla and there were lots of gorilla and the gorilla where Hannah coat and hat.

  2. One bright sunny day,there was a girl called Hannah.She really loved gorillas because she thinks they are so nice.She drew pictures of them and watched films about them.Her Father was always to busy. He never has time for anything.When Hannah asked him a question, he would always say not now Hannah, maybe tomorrow.

    The next day, Hannah went to her father but he said,not now,maybe at the weekend.Tomorrow is going to be Hannah`s birthday and she was super excited.she asked her father for a gorilla!On her birthday,Hannah woke up but the gorilla that she asked her father for was just a toy, so so she went back to sleep.

    When she woke up again,she saw a giant gorilla in front of her.She was very terrified.The gorilla spoked and said Hannah don’t be afraid,I only came to tell you if you wanted to go to the zoo.Hannah smiled and said yes.They crept down the stairs and Hannah put on her things. The gorilla put on her dad`s things!They went outside and the gorilla lifted her up.First, they went to see the gorillas and then they saw the chimpanzees.Hannah thought they were cute but sad.She wanted to go to the cinema so they did.Then they were feeling hungry so they had something to eat.Hannah was feeling sleepy so they went back home

    When Hannah woke up, she went down the stairs and her father said do you want to go to the zoo? Hanna smiled and said yes happily.So they went there.

  3. The Gorilla:

    One bright sunny day, a girl called Hannah want to go to the zoo. When she asked her father, if they could go to the zoo and see the beautiful gorillas.

    Her dad kept on saying “I am busy doing my work”. Her father said “maybe next time”. Hannah was very upset, so she asked her dad if she could have a toy gorilla, for her birthday.

    Eventually here dad went to the shop a bought here a toy gorilla. Suddenly Hannah found a little parcel from her dad. When she finally open the parcel and found a toy gorilla. She like it, but really want to see the real ones.

    She put the gorilla with the rest of her toys. She fell a sleep and the woke up to find a big gorilla in her bedroom. Gorilla announced don’t be scared, but I will take you to the zoo, today.

    Hannah and the gorilla set off for there adventure, they visit the zoo, but it was closed. They got in and saw the wonderful animal and also the amazing gorillas. Afterward they came home and Hannah fell a sleep, the gorilla turned back into a toy.

    The next morning, her father said “happy birthday”. Her father said “do you want to go to the zoo?”. And the visited the zoo together.

    During the Gorilla story their was a girl called Hannah. She loved Gorillas , watched
    TV about Gorillas, read books about Gorillas and drawed pictures like Gorillas. After a while, Hannah asked her dad if she could go to the zoo.Earlier her dad said
    “Maybe weekend I’m quite busy now”.

    Meanwhile Hannah went upstairs to her bed and saw a parcel for her birthday. While she opened her present it was a toy Gorilla. When she saw the toy Gorilla she hurled it onto the floor. However some thing lovely happened a Gorilla. Hannah was frightened . The Gorilla said “Don’t be frightened Hannah I just thought if you liked to go to the zoo “.

    “Yes I would like to “, said Hannah. After a while the Gorilla put on Hannah’s coat on and the Gorilla put on a hat and a coat. Then of they went, the Gorilla got hold on to Hannah. They swung branch to branch and arrived at the zoo. When they arived at the zoo it was closed and they climbed on the wall they saw the Gorillas and the other that look like Gorillas.

    Then they went to the cinema and to get food. Meanwhile Hannah went home and went to sleep. The next day Hannahs dad took Hannah to the zoo. Hannah was happy.

  5. Gorilla

    One day there was a girl called Hannah.She loved gorillas.She read books of gorillas,she watched gorillas on TV but has never seen one

    • The night befor her birthday she asked her dad for a gorilla.Then when she woke up, something amazing happened. Her toy gorilla turned into a real one.Hannah was afraid, “Don’t be afraid Hannah,”said the gorilla. “I just wondered if you’d like to go to the zoo. “I’d love to,” said Hannah. So they went downstairs and Hannah put on her coat. The gorilla tried her fathers coat.”a perfect fit”he said, Hannah giggled quietly.the gorilla gently lifted Hannah and swinged on the vines to the zoo and climed over the wall. They saw the other gorillas,chimpanziz and orangortanges. Then Hannah said let’s go to the cinema. So they did. Then Hannah said “I’m hungry, let’s go to that resteront. Eventchilly the gorilla said “time for home?”,Hannah nodded sleepily. “See you tomorrow””really ” said Hannah. “Yes” said the gorilla. In the morning her dad said do you wan’t to go to the zoo?. Hannah nodded and smiled.

  6. The Gorilla
    First there was a girl called Hanna she loved Gorillas she never had one she drawed pictures of them when she asked her dad but he was allows busy they never done anything together finally it was here birthday.

  7. Gorilla
    Hanna loved gorillas she read about gorilla she draw a gorilla but she had never saw a real gorilla. Meanwhile she asked her dad if she could go to the zoo but he was busy. Then Hanna walked of feeling sad. So she sat in the corner crying. Afterwards when she was about to go to bed she asked her dad that she wanted a gorilla.

  8. First Hannah loved gorrilas she read about it she sared gorrilas on tv but her dad wodent let her go to the zoo. She wanted to have a pet gorriler so she asked her suddenly there was a present. She opened it but it was a toy gorilla. Next when she woke up ther was a massive gorilla she was terrified .after that the gorilla talked to her.

  9. One day there was a girl called Hanna. She loved gorillas, she drew pictures about gorillas, read books about them and she watched movies about them. Every day she told her dad can she go to the zoo but his dad had to say not today maybe tomorrow. But he didn’t. Then the day before her birthday she went to her room but in the middle of the night there was a small present.

  10. The gorilla
    one sunny day there was a girl called Hanna she loved gorilla she saw them on television but never in real life . She asked her dad to take her to the zoo but he would always s say not now or I am to busy .after that day it was her birthday but Hanna could not sleep just then she saw a gorila

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