Year 3 Walk in the local area


just a quick message to inform you that year 3 will be taking a short walk in the local area on Wednesday 20th July 2022 in the afternoon. We will be looking at different cultural infulences in our local area. We will be out for approx 45 mins – 1 hour and will only be going if it is cool enough to do so. The forcast is looking much cooler, however we will reassess if the temperatures are too high.

Kind regards,

Miss Redhead

5 thoughts on “Year 3 Walk in the local area

  1. I had lots of fun I saw a church a Afghanistan restaurant a mosque a European food market and a Hindu temple! I enjoyed exploring the wonderful places

  2. It was fun going on a walk.
    I saw a European mini market that had different types of flag and it included a britian flag.
    On the mini market I saw Sweden 🇸🇪
    Italy 🇮🇹
    Britain 🇬🇧
    I saw a Christians church ⛪️ that had a cross ✝️
    We leart so many things.
    When we arrived at school 🏫 the teachers given questions about what we saw and what culture it is for.

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