27 thoughts on “Year 3- What do you need to survive?

  1. What will you need to survive?

    I would eat a coconut.
    I will drink coconut water.
    I would make a hut to sleep
    I would not want to wash my stuff in the sea

  2. To have some food, you could try to make a fishing rod and you could catch some fish.To drink, you can find a coconut, crack it and drink the milk inside.To dry your clothes, make a fire and warm up your clothes.

  3. What will you need to survive?
    You will need food drink because food is very good and if you didn’t have any food you would die.

    What will you need to sleep?
    You will need a shelter if it rains and burrie yourself in sand.You can make a big castle with sand and then go inside it.

  4. What will you need to survive?
    I would survive by having food that is around you so you can survive and you will need water.

    What will you need to sleep?
    Make a shelter if it rains and try to make a sand castle and go inside the castle.

  5. Most of the important things you should need is a shelter,food and drink.If you did’t have those things, you won’t be able to survive. If you couldn’t do that you could get a bottle and write SOS.

  6. Most importantly I will need drink, food and espiacally Fire. I will miss my mum and dad but I will be okay without themI will be homesick because I dont have a shelter and I have no idea how to keep warm? I will be okay if I had a fishing rod because I will catch some fish. Also I will need a shower too because if I have a shower in the sea it will be dangerous. Of course I will need a mobile because I can ring someone for help and they will rescue me however I will ring my mum and dad I can trust him.

  7. What you will need to survive:
    Food,drink,clothes,umbrella and espiacally company.You will miss your mum and dad aswel.
    Always need to have food,drink,if it is sunny sunscream,sunhat,sunglasses and summer clothes.I think when you crash on a desert island is good because you don’t need to go to school and you don’t need to listen to anyone and if you have a mobile you can ring anybody you want.You can’t really have a shower because if you go in the sea you will drown and unfortantlly you will die.

  8. If you’re lucky his mother might have put surprise into his backpack.
    He might miss his parents and get worried because he been there for a long time.
    He could survive by sitting underneath a tree so can’t get wet.
    The bad things are that he doesn’t know where the toilet is he dosent know where
    to wash his clothes and dosent know where his foods goin to come from.

  9. I might survive by drinking coconut water if there is a coconut trees.If my clothes get duty or smelly I would wash it in sea water and let it to air dry.If I was hungry I would dive into the salty water and find some smelly fishs.

  10. Maybe you could write SOS(save our soul) and a airplane would go by and see it and would rescue you or you can just put rocks on instead because if there was a wind the sand will be blown and all your hard work word be destroyed!

    The food you might eat is a fish by diving in the sea and catching because if you wanted to go swimming home you can’t because then your arms would be tired and you would drown and it might be so cold and you would die and you can eat a crab to boil it you can put its back on the hot sand then turn them over and for your drink you can wack a coconut open and drink the thing in.

    Thank you for reading!

    • So the first thing you must do is get shelter so you are going to get a big leaf and then take it in a base if you find one if you don’t then get a stick and then you take it and make a whole and then put it in the whole and then relax!!

  11. If you had a bottle,paper and pen you could write a message and put it on the sea.You could find some coconuts on a tree.If you don’t have any fishing rode you could get a leaf and catch a fish. You could drink coconut water.

  12. The little trees which are growing are going to have coconuts so he can drink. He can get a stick and a string to eat something from the sea and he can get fire from to rocks which will make it more fresh. He can make shelter with sticks and leaves. He can sleep with a leaf and stick.

  13. I might survive if I made a shelter with leafs and sticks or take some sticks srach them together it will make fire.Then take some string tie it on the sticks and throw it in the sea.

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