Year 3 White Topic – Making pizzas the Italian way!

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Year 3 White had a fantastic afternoon making pizzas in the diner to further explore their Italy topic this half term. They designed their own pizzas using their favourite toppings, then got to eat them at the end of the day. Yummy!

  1. Which ingredients did you use to make your pizza?
  2. How can a pizza be part of a balanced diet?
  3. Can you write a set of instructions for others to follow to make a pizza?
  4. Which part of the day was your favourite?

9 thoughts on “Year 3 White Topic – Making pizzas the Italian way!

  1. Peper,pineapple,mozerrella,tomato sauce,mushroom and sweet corn
    Whith vegetable
    First make the dough then put the sauce on finally put the toppings on

  2. 1.sweetcorn,a face made with comer.
    2.It you added a Apple slices.
    3.Frist you make the dough.The you roll the dough.N ext you put toppings on.Finally put it in the oven then you have a pizza 😄

  3. 1) Mushroom,pineapple,pepper,cheese,and tomato sauce.
    2) By vegetables fruit and some sugar.
    3) yes
    4)When we made pizza and when we ate pizza and tasted them.

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