Year 3’s adventure story homework

This half term we have been learning about adventure stories. We have looked at a variety of adventure stories such as Jumanji, Gorilla, The Tunnel and Little Polar Bear. Your challenge this week is to write your very own adventure story! Invent some exciting characters and an imaginative adventure!

It might help you to plan your story on scrap paper first using a story mountain like we have done during our lessons.

story mountain
Remember the 4 stages of an adventure story:

1. Introduce the characters.

2. Introduce the problem.

3. Have an adventure to solve the problem.

4. Resolution (the problem gets solved)

Think about all the skill we have developed during Literacy such as paragraphs, powerful verbs, complex sentences, inverted commas for speech and adjectives.



58 thoughts on “Year 3’s adventure story homework

  1. Once upon a time there was a boy his name was Abdas and his granddad died.His granddad was slowly and slowly going to die.When it came to the funeral and we put him in the grave…he woke up
    he got out of the grave and said to me”don`t worry the heart attack that i had stopped then he hold`ed my hand and took me home.

  2. Once upon a time there was a polar bear called Lars.In the evening,Lars’s father took him to do some fishing.But unfortunately ,he couldn’t do it so his father used to take him to do some more fishing.

  3. The little boy

    once upon a time there was a little boy called Kevin he lived with his mum, dad, and brothers and sisters called Burt, Susie, Sam and Clara. Kevin’s brothers and sisters always bully him. one day Kevin was being really naughty so his mum sent him in the attic. The next day they were all going to France. All of Kevin family left and forgot about Kevin and went to France. When Kevin woke up and found out he was so happy. Then after a little while some robbers came to his house then Kevin hit them so much that they couldn’t even get up. Kevin slowly called the cops and the robbers were arrested. Kevin’s family came back home and were really happy to see him and said sorry .

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