Year 3’s Egyptian day!!!!

Hi Year 3!

Next week is project week. We will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians.


*Can you tell me what you already know about the Ancient Egyptians?

*What you would like to find out?

On Friday 17th October 2014 Year 3 will be having a Egyptian Day. All of the Year 3 staff will be dressing up like Egyptians and we would like to see you dressing up too! Follow the link below to make your Egyptian outfit and wear it  to school  on Friday ready to be an Egyptian!


Stuck for ideas?

Here is a photo of what the children wore last year.

Egyptian day 2013

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  1. Did you know that Egypt had Avery we’ll known king called Tutankhamun and he got mummified when he was eighteen. The tomb that he was in was not in a pyramid it was underground.3000years later in 1922 the tomb of Tutankhamun was was discoverd by Howard carter in the valley of kings

  2. Ancient Egyptians wear eye makeup. Also Ancient Egyptians have Gods. They have a God of the sky, a God of dead, a God of the sun, a God of storms and chaos. The names of the Gods are Anubis who is the god of death, Ra who is the God of the sun, Seth who is the God of chaos and god of storms and Horus who is the God of sky and war. Did you know that in Egypt there is a river called the River Nile?

  3. 1.Ancient Egyption had no money so they used jewellery to pay something.
    2. Most Ancient egyptian pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs(rulers of ancient egypt ) and their families.
    3.Both Egyptian men and women wore makeup. The eye-paint usually green(made from copper)or black(made from lead).As well as offering protection from the sun ,the Egyptians believed make up had magical healing powers too!
    4.Ancient Engyptians believed in more than 2000 gods! they had gods for everything.
    5. The Ancient Egyptians invented lots of things will still use today sush as paper,pens, locks and keys.

  4. Egypt is in Africa. There are four countries stuck to it is called Libya, Chad, Sudan and Tunis. Egypt is an Islamic country. People speak Arabic. Its population is 80 million. It is a republic country and its president is Abdul Fatah.

    What I want to find out?

    . What do they eat?

  5. I want to find out that do the Egyptians have any money ?The Egyptians we’re eye make up if you were wondering if they were d make up .

  6. Egypt is offcially known as the Arab republic of Egypt.
    In 2012 the population in Egypt was just over 83 million (83,688,164).
    Egypt is bordered by the gaza strip Israel, Libya and Sudan as well as the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.
    The Sinai peninsula in Egypt spans across two continents , Africa and Asia.
    Mount Catherine is the highest mountain in Egypt.
    The official language in Egypt is Arabic, but other languages such as English and French are also understood by many
    The capital city Cairo , which also has the largest population . Other major cities include Alexandria and Giza.
    Egypt is a very dry country.The sahara and Libyan make most of the area of Egypt.
    Egypt experience natural hazards such as droughts, earthquakes,flash flood, land slides wind storms (called Khamsin) , dust storms and sand storms.
    The longest river in the world that runs through Egypt is the Nile
    Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization ,the Ancient Egyptions who date back to around 3150 B.C. Egypt is home the great Pyramid of Giza, one of the seven Wonders of the ancient world.
    The most populer sport in Egypt is Football ( soccer ).

  7. Ancient Egyptians:

    (1) Most Ancient Egyptians pyramids were built as tombs for Pharaohs and their families. Over 130 pyramids have been discovered around Egypt.
    (2) Afterlife was really important to the Ancient Egyptians. They believed to preserving the dead which is called mummification. Their souls would live on in the afterlife.
    (3) Pyramids of Khufu is the largest of them all.
    (4) Egyptians alphabet contained over 700 hieroglyphs.
    (5) Cats were considered an scared animal by the Egyptians because they thought it will bring happiness, wealth and good luck.
    (6) Tutankhamen was made King at 9 years old and he died at 18 years old.
    (7) His body was placed in the Valley of the Kings, and surrounded by over 5000 priceless treasure.

    What I want to learn more about?

    * Types of Pyramids
    * Daily life in the Egyptian times
    * Who were the Pharaohs?
    * Why did they mummified their Kings and Queens?
    * What and why they used Hieroglyph
    * Who was Ramesses and Tutankhamen?
    * Fall of the Egyptian Kingdom

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