Year 3’s familiar setting descriptions

duncans treehouse

Year 3, you have been learning about familiar settings. We have read Duncan’s treehouse and the setting description is missing! You need to write a setting description for Duncan’s treehousewhich can be added to the book. Remember to use a range of exciting words and phrases. Think about exciting adjectives, similes and prepositions and different ways of starting your sentences.

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  1. crrreak,the creapy door opened.The tree house was croweded with wooden things like wooden chairs,wooden bed,wooden tables and wooden shelves.There was a precious vase with breath-taking fragent flowers with delicious Necter inside.

  2. High up in a tree lived a boy called duncan. In the tree house was a stripy rug asstripy as a zebra.It has a table that is silver and precious.

  3. Duncan looked high up in the tree house he could see his soft cosy blanket and bed it was soft like pompoms.On the floor there was a carpet colourful like a rainbow.On there was a green chest it looked just like a treasure chest.Duncan said”This is the best birthday present.

  4. In Duncans treehouse there is a multi coloured rug under the blue wooden chair. The vase was underneath the coloured books also the vase had blue, yellow, red flowers in it. However the bed was as fluffy as a pillow. Outside I can hear birds tweeting in the trees. Also the door was red as a rose. Inthe corner there is a grreen and gold treasure chest

  5. High above the ground is a wooden treehouse . There is a camp bed with a pillow as soft as a cloud.Duncan has a empty blue shelf.Also on top of the old desk that has wonderful bunch of flowers and he has an golden box full of his full of his Ancient toys . On one his blue shelf he has all of his shiny dishes. The dishes is as shiny as a window.

  6. in Duncking floor was a coulful rainbow carpet and everthing was made out of wood. there was a book shelf were you put books there was a beutiful conttfuls bed there was a liveing room and there was a inormous telviston. crrrrrrrrrrreak said Dunking tree house.

  7. Hi miss Jones

    The tree house is made of wood and is clean. The rug was different colors and stripy.The pretty flowers were on the blue wooden table.There was a plain shelf on the wall.There were some cups on the brown shelf.There was a clean bed with a green quilt on it.In the corner there was a green and yellow box that is shut.

  8. Inside Duncan’s tree house there was soft bed a beautiful vase outside Duncan’s tree house there was a humongous balcony and a tree on the side and some cute blue birds tweeting and a pack of squevels jumping in the outstanding garden and tree.
    Inside the tree house there was a golden chest it was sparkly inside it there was all hiss secret things that he needs under the bed there was his food that he had yestday.
    The floor was as cold as Ice even the carpet is as stripy as a zebra he had a chair,a table and a bed also he had some shelves with books and the the fluffy enoumus sky was so hot as it began to rain.

  9. Miss Jackson is feeling very proud of all of year 3.
    You have all worked very hard on familiar setting description this term well done.

  10. Inside Duncan’s treehouse there was a lovely comfortable pillow. Also there was some dusty things under Duncan’s bed. There was also a stripy carpet like a zebra. I could see the mummy bird feeding the baby birds and I could hear the birds tweeting. There was a hard beautiful table and a dusty wooden chair. Also there was a flower pot beautiful as a lovely princess and there was a treasure box between Duncan’s dusty old bed. Duncan’s treehouse was made out of wood and the treehouse was under the trees. The treehouse has a pretty red door like Little red ridding hood’s gorgeous red lovely flower. Next to Duncan’s bed there was two selfs one was for a book self and one was for the cups and plates and Duncan has a little bed not for baby’s and there was a pillow . Also Duncan’s bed looks amazing and wonderful.

  11. In Duncan’s treehouse
    Outside in the sky was thunder and lightning . When Duncan was asleep on his cosy bed Duncan was actually shrugging to sleep. BANG the lightning stuck on two trees. They both were under the treehouse . Duncan woke up terrified and he saw the smoke then he went inside his bedroom in the house.

  12. Inside ducan,s tree house is all beautiful but this is where the terror comes,outside you could hear the thunder striking loudly also if you hear it you will be death.Sometimes duncan can smell smoke burning but even worser you could smell fire.Did you know that slime was driping from the walls,or was it blood also the chandelier was as dust as a old book.Undurneath Duncan,s bed dirt spreading all over the floor for now Duncan hates that tree house,he said goodbye and he never come back to the tree house ever again.

  13. Crrrrrrreak! The door opened slowly the sky was as dark as grey as a blanket.There was a horrible blizzard.Above Duncan’s treehouse was a shadow of a tree. There was smoke burning.The treehouse sat high up in a creepy and spooky tree.Suddenly the blizzard broke off the branch while Duncan was asleep.The walls were made of wood with a sign that said DUNCANS TREEHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. There was a blizzard storm and there was a creepy tree house.It was called Duncan’s tree house.It was Bloodcurdling but the boy who lives in that tree house he thinks it’s not bloodcurdling.The room was covered in spider webs.His bed was filthy and untidy.I could hear 1 wolf but it sounded like a pack of wolves.Suddenly the room was covered in smoke.The floor was a pony like a dog with out a bath.

  15. In Duncans treehouse there was a crrrrrumble as the lightninig struck the treehouse with a big BANG. Duncan shivered he was as terified as a mouse.

  16. Inside Duncan’s treehouse, then the floor is cold as ice
    in the night something howled like a pack of wolves.
    The sky was as dark as space.
    The cloud’s were as dark and gloomy.The treehouse sat so high it could nirly reach a tree.
    ubove the treehouse was a enormas wooden shelf.

  17. High up in the tree there was an amazing,fantastic skinny tree house.I had never seen on before.from the tree house I could see my comfy bed as soft as a puppy though the glass window.if I sat quietly I could hear some birds chirping away.On top of the treehouse there was a beautiful nest and a small egg.The tree house had a roof made of yellow strong straw.

  18. High up in the skinny,tall tree there is a colossal tree house you could smell Duncan’s mother making beautiful roast chicken for dinner tonight.You could hear Duncan’s friends shouting as loud as a crowd to Duncan he was like the king sitting on a rainbow chair.Down below there was a beautiful view you could feel that you were in a red, orange blazing fire. The treehouse was like a mansion house .

  19. I can touch the big,brown ,wooden balcony.I can smell old slimy bird poo.The treehouse is small as an old , small , wooden cottage.The big black sofa is beside the table.I can hear some big,red and flappy birds.

  20. High up in the tree house there was enormous tree house.
    From the tree house I could see a bird tweeting.
    If I sat quietly I could hear strange noises outside.

  21. In the enormous treehouse there was a amazing colourful rug settled underneath the wooden stool. Duncans treehouse was all a bit dusty and filthy so he cleaned his rug with his bedroom sheet. Then the place was all glimmering like a carpet gotten cleaned with some dazzling magic helped it get clean. The wind was flowing in the tiny treehouse. It was spooky and creepy at night because noises and the wind was making it horrifying.

  22. High up on a humungus tree sat a gigantic treehouse.
    From the tree house I could see a bird and a baby bird sitting on a nest.
    As clean as paper laid a beautiful bed which Duncan was sitting on.

  23. Crrrrreak……the door opened slowly. I was surrounded by a cave of wooden things. Wooden chairs, wooden tables and wooden shelves. The bareness of the floor was broken up by the multi-coloured rug that lay vertical on the floor. My eye was drawn to a curved green box, the lid tightly shut like a clam. What secret was it hiding? Who lived in a room like this?

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