Year 3’s Passport to the UK!

To finish off our United Kingdom topic, Year 3 had a  Passport to the UK morning. Throughout the morning, the children used a range of skills whilst learning about the four countries included in the UK.

Children learnt that Welsh is spoken in Wales and learnt some Welsh phrases.

Children looked at English landmarks, they used a range of different pencils to create a sketch of some. We looked at London Bridge and the Angel of the North. Find 2 interesting facts about these landmarks!

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After that they visited Northern Ireland where they made soda bread and compared rivers found in Ireland. 

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What is the longest river in Ireland called? Order the rivers from shortest to longest.

river table

We learnt about the Highland Games in Scotland and took part in our own mini version.


Write 3 things that  you have learnt about the United Kingdom this half term.



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  1. river name length the shortest starts at the top and
    River Termon 16 km gets longer going down.
    River Carey 17 km
    River Duff 23 km
    River Finn 64 km
    River Lagan 70 km
    River black water 80.5 km
    River Foyle 120 km
    River Bann 129 km

    I learnt about the Highland Games , I learnt what the angle is before playing shot putt and learnt how to caber toss with a javelin stick.

  2. (1)

    Facts about Angel of North:

    * Angel of the North is a steel sculpture, located in Gateshead north of England.
    * Sculpture was designed by Anotony Gormley a well know british artist. This design show the transition from industrial age to information age.

    Facts about London Bridge:

    * Lord Holford designed the current London Bridge. Building work started in 1967 and was finished in 1972.
    * London Bridge is featured in the traditional nursery rhyme called London Bridge is falling down.


    River Bann is the longest river in Ireland.

    List of River smallest to the largest:

    River Termon = 16km
    River Carey = 17km
    River Duff = 23km
    River Finn = 64km
    River Lagan = 70km
    River Blackwater = 80.5km
    River Foyle = 120km
    River Bann = 129km


    United Kingdom is made up of other unions like Scotland, North Ireland, Wales. I really liked speaking in welsh, and also doing the Scottish highland games.

  3. 1. The north angle is orange like orange juice.
    2. The landmark is tall as a giraffe neck.
    1. River Termon 16 km
    2. River Carey 17 km
    3. River Duff 23 km
    4. River Finn 64 km
    5. River Lagan 70 km
    6. River Foyle 120 km
    7. River Bann 129 km
    The longest river is River Bann.
    I have learnt how to make soda bread.
    I have learnt to do the sports.
    I have learnt some Welsh.

  4. WE learnt how to play the Scottish Highland game and we played three kind`s of game my favourite game was tug of war.It was very funny when the rope got cut in half.As well we baked a famous bread in North Ireland It was fun.We learnt how to speak welsh in welsh good morning is said bore da.

  5. What is the longest river in Ireland called?
    The longest river in Ireland is called River Bann.
    The list of rivers from shortest to longest are:
    1. River Termon – 16Km
    2. River Carey – 17 Km
    3. River Duff – 23 Km
    4. River Finn – 64 Km
    5. River Lagan – 70 Km
    6. River Black water – 80.5 Km
    7. River Foyle – 120 Km
    8. River Bann – 129 Km
    I have learnt that united Kingdom has many sport games.
    United Kingdom is are union of 4 countries. They are called England Scotland , Wales & Northern Island. Wales has their oun language.

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